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shougang jingtang realizes first batch supply of blade steel for medium plate shovels

release time:2023-10-12 10:18:34

recently, shougang jingtang united iron & steel co., ltd. supplied blade steel for medium plate shovels in batches to a mechanical equipment company in shandong, opening up a new situation for the large-scale supply of blade steel.

blade steel is a kind of high-strength wear-resistant steel which is widely used in loader boxes and excavator buckets, and can withstand harsh working conditions such as impact, extrusion and material wear. the wear-resistant steel produced by shougang jingtang not only has high strength and wear resistance, but also excellent impact and welding properties, making it suitable for various wear conditions. through reasonable design and precise control, the products have obvious advantages in reducing the thickness of parts and amount of material used, which is conducive to improving customers' production efficiency and reducing their production cost, by virtue of which blade steel is increasingly favored by manufacturers.

this supply adopted the joint r&d mode and involved a steel grade composition quite different from that of the past, with higher requirements for the carbon and silicon content and internal quality of the steel. the shougang marketing center, jingtang manufacturing department, technology center, medium plate division, steel rolling department, sales management department and other departments cooperated efficiently to ensure high-quality services throughout the whole process from contract organization to product delivery.

according to such requirements as high carbon, low phosphorus, low sulfur, high purity and high internal quality, the jingtang rolling operation department carried out an analysis of the key process control points, formulated detailed operation plans, ensured that the whole production process was guided by technicians, clarified the division of labor and fully communicated to ensure the accurate composition control and good internal quality of the slabs. the medium plate division organized on-site operators at key positions to conduct special training in the production of new steel grades, elaborated in detail upon the production organization requirements and key points requiring attention in the production process, and ensured the precise control of the whole process from billet feeding to rolling. ultimately, the surface quality and comprehensive performance of the finished products fully met the customer’s requirements.

shougang jingtang continues to deepen its cooperation with equipment manufacturing enterprises as its medium plate products keep pace with the development trend of the equipment manufacturing industry. through continuous innovation in process, technology and products, shougang jingtang’s high-quality steel product series is gradually expanding and its market competitiveness is being continuously enhanced, thereby promoting the localization of national high-end steel for machinery and equipment.

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