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shougang jingtang officially puts world's first intelligent steelmaking converter model into operation

release time:2023-09-29 16:17:43

recently, the delivery ceremony of the world's first intelligent steelmaking converter model project was held in the steelmaking main control building of the jingtang steel rolling department.

formally commenced in march 2022, the intelligent steelmaking converter model project is a practical project of intelligent model application in the jingtang company's 14th five-year plan for professional development of informatization and intelligent manufacturing. it was led by the jingtang digital intelligence operations department and jointly developed by the technical personnel of the steel rolling operation department, intelligent manufacturing research institute and beijing shougang automation information technology co., ltd. it took the 30 core personnel of the project team just 20 months to complete the r&d and on-line tasks of six modules: automatic converter tapping, automatic slag splashing, automatic slag tapping, flue gas analysis, oxygen lance linkage and ladle quality grading.

the model is a converter intelligent smelting expert system composed of an oxygen lance linkage system, flue gas analysis system and sublance system. the automatic tapping module is deeply combined with the steelmaking post in such a way that the furnace angle can be automatically tilted according to the position of the molten steel ladle transfer car and the weight of the molten steel during tapping. through intelligent control, the automatic slag splashing module further standardizes the slag splashing operation to protect the furnace, realizes the uniformity of the slag splashing effect and provides a guarantee for the stable working life of the furnace and the smoothness of bottom blowing. the automatic slag tapping module controls the coordination between the converter and slag truck with mechanical vision instead of human eyes, thereby ensuring the safety and efficiency of slag tapping, and reducing the labor intensity of the personnel.

at present, all six modules of the intelligent steelmaking project have been put into use at jingtang’s no. 8 converter.

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