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shougang park wins "golden park & office award"

release time:2023-08-29 14:17:38

recently, the "6th china industrial park new driving force summit and park & office top 100 forum" was held in beijing, and shougang park won the "top 10 urban renewal award" of the "golden park & office award".

with the theme of "crossing mountains and seas, infinite possibilities", this summit focused on hot topics such as urban renewal, industrial operation, enterprise introduction and capital connection, invited well-known economists, gathered opinion leaders and attracted more than 600 industry insiders from top parks, leading offices and incubation acceleration institutions. beijing shougang construction investment co., ltd. participated in the roundtable dialogue of "innovation fusion – the way and technique of urban renewal", introducing the unique urban renewal ideas and latest industrial agglomeration results of shougang park to the industry.

in recent years, taking the opportunity to serve and support the winter olympics, shougang park has built a number of winter olympic facilities and venues such as the office area of the organizing committee for the winter olympics, national team training base and big air shougang. it built the national sports industry demonstration area, adhered to an ecology-first approach, revitalized and utilized industrial heritage, and transformed and released 540,000 m2 of development space with urban characteristics. it built the beijing winter olympic park and promoted the innovative and integrated development of mountains, water, winter olympics and industrial heritage. the renewal project of the shougang old industrial zone was awarded "best practice of urban renewal in beijing" at the first beijing urban renewal forum. shougang park has become an important symbol of beijing's deep urban transformation and a model of urban renewal and development driven by the olympic games.

after the winter olympics, shougang park innovated and explored the sustainable utilization of industrial heritage and winter olympic legacy, served the functional orientation of the "four centers" of the capital, accelerated the creation of industrial ecosystems and the agglomeration of high-end industrial factors, and formed the "magnet effect" of industries such as science and technology, science fiction, culture and sports. at present, nearly 260 enterprises have settled in shougang park, and ten science fiction industry platforms and projects have been launched. shougang park is home to the first science fiction industry agglomeration in china, as well as the agglomeration of key industries in beijing such as web3.0, artificial intelligence and e-sports.

shougang park has been transformed from a production factory to an industrial park, urban community and vibrant block. in the future, upholding the concept of sustainable development and focusing on the "four revivals", shougang park will be built into the highland of the beijing science and technology innovation center and the pivot of the international consumption center city, and will make every effort to build a new landmark of urban revival in the spirit of "together for a shared future".

the "golden park & office award" is an industry ranking produced by along with several professional organizations, as well as an annual grand event in the fields of parks and offices. it is based on such dimensions as the comprehensive strength, brand value, enterprise service, innovation vitality and professional characteristics of industrial parks. a total of 154 projects competed for the golden park & office award, and the winners were selected through transparent online voting and expert review.

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