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shougang institute of technology’s green school building achievements included in excellent case collection of national development and reform commiss

release time:2023-08-21 14:14:18

recently, the green school building achievements of the shougang institute of technology were selected by the ministry of education for inclusion in the excellent case collection of green life action organized by the national development and reform commission. in the "green school action" unit, taking the shougang institute of technology's "promoting green knowledge from multiple perspectives and building green civilized schools" as an excellent case, the school experience, practices and main achievements were publicized.

adhering to the green development concept, the shougang institute of technology helps all teachers and students to deeply understand the significance of building green schools through multiple channels and three-dimensional publicity. teachers and students grasp and understand the green development concept from multiple perspectives, forming a good atmosphere for public participation. through the green school action, the green lifestyle has become a common practice in schools. the shougang institute of technology implemented its "number one" project, formulated and issued the shougang institute of technology implementation plan of green school action, set up a leading group for building green schools with the principal person in charge as the group leader, and assembled a task force. each unit has formulated the implementation plan for building green schools, forming a long-term mechanism for ecological civilization education. ecological civilization is incorporated into the education and training plans, and the green school action is integrated into the daily teaching plans. in the entrance education, first lessons of school, etc., ecological civilization education is integrated, and actions such as garbage separation and the clean plate campaign are advocated. teaching videos are recorded and played repeatedly; thematic lectures are held to spread the low-carbon lifestyle; a "green moral education" system is constructed; innovations are made to the concept of moral education; and ecological civilization knowledge is promoted online and offline to actively create a green school atmosphere. through green volunteer activities such as practical garbage separation, students are encouraged to spread and practice the concept of ecological civilization in school. a campus electric energy detection system has been built to monitor electricity consumption in real time. campus led lights have been actively replaced, water-saving appliances have been transformed and installed, and solar water heating systems have been added, gradually building an ecological campus greening operation system. the school offers 17 courses related to ecological civilization, including 15 compulsory courses. it has created an "environmental protection innovation practice base", signed off-campus internship employment base agreements with many companies and carried out related technical cooperation. focusing on environmental monitoring, "three wastes" treatment, etc., the school has set up advanced training courses for green industries and built a green education teacher library and curriculum library.

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