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jingtang's 18m pipeline steel on medium plate production line can be supplied

release time:2023-07-24 14:45:37

recently, shougang jingtang successfully produced pipeline steel with a length of 18.1 m for the first time on the medium plate production line, and realized supply. after being used by customers, it will effectively reduce the number of girth welds, improve the overall project quality and enhance the safety factor of the project, which is an important measure for vigorously promoting reform and innovation, scientific and technological innovation, and high-quality development in the construction of national long-distance pipeline projects.

the purchaser is a well-known steel pipe factory in china. in order to meet the requirements of new energy transportation, it has remodeled its production line in the hope of cooperating with shougang on manufacturing 18-meter steel pipes for commissioning. after successful commissioning, it will be the first 18-meter longitudinally welded pipe in china. the geological conditions in the region for laid pipelines are complex and higher requirements are put forward for the corrosion resistance, strength, wall thickness and length of pipeline steel. jingtang aims at high-end products and continuously optimizes the process. jingtang's medium plate division cooperates with the manufacturing department, sales department, shougang marketing center and other units to plan ahead of schedule, intervene in the planning and design of pipelines in advance, contact customers in a timely manner and provide them with material solutions, which has won their recognition. the medium plate division takes key projects as the starting point, continuously carries out the quality improvement of physical products and development and expansion of high-end products, arranges specially assigned personnel to track the whole process including bidding for contracts, production and delivery, and forms a supply guarantee team in the whole process of technology, quality, production and sales in order to ensure product quality and meet the requirements for delivery according to the contracts and high-standard use of customers.

to date, jingtang's pipeline steel products have covered b-x65, x70, x80, steel for low-temperature stations, high strain steel, submarine pipeline steel, station steel, steel for lines in pipeline projects, etc.

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