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shougang macheng iron mine’s 55-ton hybrid electric locomotive successfully debugged off assembly line

release time:2023-07-10 13:13:01

recently, the commissioning of the cbt55-ton hybrid electric locomotive of shougang macheng iron mine co., ltd. was completed at tangshan nuolaidun mining machinery manufacturing co., ltd., marking an important step towards the automation, digitalization and intelligence of macheng iron mine co., ltd.’s rail transportation system.

the mode of "application of foreign technology and domestic assembly and production" was adopted for the main equipment of the rail transport system, which not only ensured the advanced performance of the products, but also greatly reduced the equipment procurement cost. in the meantime, in order to ensure a smooth debugging, macheng iron mine co., ltd. actively implemented the owner's responsibilities, arranged professionals with relevant work experience to track and control the whole process, and successively completed more than 200 static and dynamic tests covering the power supply system, control system, hydraulic system, power system, etc., so as to ensure that all functional parameters would meet the standards.

in the next stage, macheng iron mine co., ltd. will continue to focus on building a "domestically leading and internationally first-class" intelligent mine, and strengthen the localization progress of main equipment such as underground loading devices, unloading stations and mine cars, thereby laying a solid foundation for the production of macheng iron mine co., ltd.’s underground rail transportation system.

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