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shougang wins bmw brilliance's "best service provider award"

release time:2023-06-29 13:04:30

a few days ago, bmw brilliance automotive co., ltd. awarded the shenyang processing center of shougang co., ltd.’s marketing center with its "best service provider award".

constantly oriented to customer demand, shougang co., ltd. has been bmw brilliance’s first supplier of automotive steel for six consecutive years by virtue of its outstanding performance in technological innovation and pursuit of "zero defect" quality and "one-stop" services. its high-end products, including outer plates, high-strength steel, hot-formed steel and so on, cover all bmw brilliance’s series of models, and the supply ratio has increased year by year.

in 2021, the "shougang bmw brilliance alliance innovation studio" was established, realizing in-depth cooperation across disciplines, fields and enterprises throughout the whole process from automobile steel plate manufacturing to automobile part manufacturing. in 2022, the research project of matching mold and material was carried out in an all-round way to jointly solve a large number of technical problems and help bmw brilliance to realize the domestication process of x5 high-end medium and large luxury suvs.

shougang co, ltd. and bmw brilliance both adhere to the concept of green development in the whole value chain, allowing them to cooperate in depth to realize the recycling and sustainable development of automobile scrap metal materials. shougang’s shenyang processing center has obtained iso9001 quality system certification for scrap steel projects, and its hardware facilities and logistics and transportation management level have been continuously improved. all clearing vehicles have met the national emission standards (stage vi), and the upgrading service capability and frequency of clearing roads in the bmw factory have continuously improved. shougang co., ltd.'s whole-process service work at the scrap metal recycling site of bmw brilliance’s tiexi factory has been highly recognized by bbt186nsm&spm. always adhering to the principles of customer first, punctuality without delay, accuracy without mistakes and consistency without deviation, the team of shougang co., ltd. has won the recognition of its customers again and again by virtue of its excellent quality and professional services.

working hard and heading into the future together, shougang co., ltd. will continue to adhere to green leadership and being driven by innovation, make intensive efforts in green, low-carbon and sustainable recycling practices, develop its high-quality products and services hand in hand with its users, and play an active role in helping to realize the "dual carbon" goals and sustainable development as a leader in the industry.

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