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shougang miracle and shining 2023 science and technology expo

release time:2023-06-22 10:20:06

"whoosh": a more than ten-second working video of three mechanical arms was successfully sent.

"as soon as i came through the door, i saw the display of the mechanical arm in the exhibition hall of the shougang group. compared with the equipment used by our unit now, this one is quieter, more accurate and more intelligent. i immediately took photographs and shared them with my colleagues" said ms. ma from xiongan new area.

at the 2023 zgc forum exhibition (science and technology expo) in front of the exhibition hall of the shougang group, a thriving scene erupted. people either listened to the explanation carefully in front of the diorama, stopped in front of the display board to browse carefully, observed the material object and had a heated discussion with their partners or pressed the shutter to take photos and saved the information that they cared about for later reference. 

jiang jinyu, a model worker and excellent lecturer in beijing who is known as the "gold medal lecturer", served as the lecturer of this exhibition. she told reporters, "this year’s interactive exhibition is a highlight. it shows a large number of shougang’s products. it’s highly innovative and can give people a good interactive experience. diversified promotion forms such as material objects, exhibition boards, dioramas, videos, explanations and brochures allow the audience to gain a more detailed understanding of an industrial branch of shougang every time they look at a unit."

the characteristic space of "mountain-water-winter olympics-science fiction-industrial heritage" in shougang park not only awakens historical memory, but also endows it with new connotations. shougang has become the first iron and steel enterprise in the world to achieve ultra-low emissions throughout the whole process. the self-designed and manufactured low-temperature multi-effect seawater desalination device has won 12 national patents and was included in the first batch of "excellent ocean engineering" in china. the shougang langze company used industrial tail gas as a raw material for producing microbial protein for the first time in the world, which is of great significance for solving the "bottleneck" problem of protein resources in china. this technology has been industrialized in hebei, ningxia and guizhou.

"before, i only knew that shougang produced steel products and shougang park. just now, i learned from the exhibition board that shougang also provides full ecological chain asset financing services for the strategic placement investment of reits, and its achievements really impressed me" said ms. li who is engaged in financial work.

as national intellectual property demonstration enterprises, shougang zhixin qian’an electromagnetic material co., ltd. and the shougang beiye company have recently been appraised as "science reform demonstration enterprises" by the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council. the unmanned and fully autonomous underground electric locomotive independently developed by shougang mining won the second prize for national scientific and technological progress, and is widely used in many large mines at home and abroad. the shougang environmental company’s key technologies and applications of kitchen waste resource treatment have reached the international advanced level, and its microwave remediation technology and organic contaminated soil equipment have reached the international leading level.

mr. chen stayed for a long time in front of the three-dimensional garage model of the shougang exhibition stand, learning about shougang's smart parking services. "the shougang exhibition stand is simple and bright, giving people a very bright feeling. the exhibition board is rich in content, and the introduction of each product is very detailed. with the dioramas and exhibits, it’s full of a sense of science and technology. personally, i’m very interested in three-dimensional parking. through the introduction by the on-site staff, i learned that shougang is deeply involved in the urban static transportation industry and has become a benchmark enterprise. i’ve seen footage in tv reports before. here today, i’ve gained a deeper understanding. it’s very good and beneficial to the country and the people. it’s a high technology that ordinary people can engage with in daily life."

shougang's three strategic products, namely auto plates, electrical steel and tinplate, have entered the first phalanx internationally. on this basis, a high-end leading product matrix has been built to help construct national core science, technology and military equipment, create a green and low-carbon environment, and live a better life. around the extension of the iron and steel industry and comprehensive urban services, shougang will focus on new fields such as new materials, new energy and intelligent robots, and promote the upgrading of traditional industries and the cultivation of new industries. shougang jitai'an alloy materials co., ltd., a national "specialized and sophisticated" little giant, has developed and produced high-end electric heating alloy materials and become the industry leader.

"shougang has changed greatly. not only has its transformation and development in beijing been successful, but its product structure has also been greatly upgraded" said mr. wang, a steel-related practitioner. "i’ve been paying close attention to shougang’s development. in recent years, its high-end metal materials have developed rapidly, with richer varieties and more technology-related content. a series of products have helped our country to construct national core science, technology and military equipment, and shougang's pattern and technology are at the forefront. shougang’s very hot extremely thin tinplate 'cicada wing steel' represents the highest level of the same type of units in the world. as a related practitioner, i’m very proud."

it is understood that this expo will be held from may 26th to 30th, under the theme "openness and cooperation for a shared future". with a total area of 27,000 m2, the exhibition is located in the exhibition center of zhongguancun national independent innovation demonstration zone and the west side of haidian park road. it has six exhibition areas: cutting-edge technology and future industries, information technology and intelligent manufacturing, green dual carbon goals, medical health, digital economy and regional innovation cooperation, with more than 650 enterprises and institutions participating.

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