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4th franz liszt international youth piano competition - china selection competition successfully held in shougang park

release time:2023-06-12 14:08:14

on may 2nd, the awards ceremony of the 4th franz liszt international youth piano competition - china selection competition was grandly held in the ice hockey hall of shougang park as the 4-day competition came to a successful conclusion.

from april 30th to may 1st at the official competition site in the office area of the beijing organising committee for the 2022 olympic and paralympic winter games in shougang park, young competitors dressed in formal attire played the piano under bright lights, and the melodious music slowly overflowed, sometimes soothing like a flowing spring, sometimes quick like a waterfall, sometimes crisp like beads falling on a jade plate and sometimes as low as a whisper. the sound was melodious and refreshing. after four days of fierce competition, the list of the winners of the gold, silver and bronze awards in each group was officially released.

on the evening of the awards ceremony, shougang ice hockey hall had been specially redecorated, creating a joyful and peaceful atmosphere. a piano stood quietly in the center of the snow-white ice rink, which added some "literature and art" atmosphere to this venue full of "sports style". huang yin, executive chairman of the competition, and professor yang ming, chairman of the jury, from the piano department of the central conservatory of music, presented awards to the winners and said meaningful words to them, hoping that they would "show the value of life and make youth colorful" in the future, enjoy the spiritual baptism and infinite possibilities brought by music, embark upon a broader musical journey and compose more colorful and emotional movements in the future! after the awards ceremony, the wonderful piano performance infatuated everyone, and the touching movements and wonderful interactive performance pushed the performance to a climax. the scene was full of vitality, and the audience applauded endlessly, igniting the "shougang night".

since the franz liszt international youth piano competition was first held in 2018, it has provided opportunities for chinese teenagers who love the piano to show their talents, gaining the widespread recognition of the industry and society for its authoritative platform, rigorous schedule and professional judges. since the end of 2022, the preliminary rounds of this competition were held in more than 40 sub-competition fields in china. more than 20,000 competitors were selected at different levels, and finally more than 500 teenagers entered the china selection competition.

this competition is co-sponsored by the organizing committee of the international franz liszt piano competition, organizing committee of the franz liszt international youth piano competition and association of chinese culture music & arts in europe, jointly undertaken by beijing shougang park integrated service co., ltd. and beijing yinhuang united culture and art media co., ltd., and co-organized by the liszt ferenc academy of music, european union national conservatory of music federation, parsons music group, beijing shijingshan district culture and tourism bureau, beijing zero limit culture communication co., ltd., netherlands-china friendship association and shanghai sino-foreign cultural and art exchange association.

it is reported that shougang park will continue to host the franz liszt international youth piano competition-china selection competition in the future so as to build a stage for more outstanding teenagers to show their talents and realize their musical dreams.

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