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beijing shougang wins "true partner award" of great wall motor

release time:2023-06-02 10:05:13

recently, great wall motor held the "2023 annual meeting of global partners" at which beijing shougang co., ltd. (beijing shougang) won the "true partner award", the highest honor awarded by great wall motor, for the second consecutive time. in many categories of awards, beijing shougang is the only partner among all steel suppliers to have won this honor.

great wall motor is a well-known vehicle manufacturer with its own brand in china which also owns haval, wey, ora, tank and great wall pickup truck, as well as the salon mecha technology brand for the luxury ev market. in 2022, great wall motor sold 1.06 million vehicles, with sales exceeding 1 million vehicles for seven consecutive years. over the years, shougang's automotive plate team has regarded great wall motor as one of its most important strategic users, and made joint efforts with customers to cope with market changes and achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.

beijing shougang upholds green and low-carbon development, mutual benefits and win-win results, always adheres to green, intelligent, superior, lean and precise manufacturing and services, and practices low-carbon development with seriousness and perseverance to help great wall motor build green, innovative and sustainable competitiveness. in 2022, beijing shougang innovated and launched uni-fish high-strength ultrafine grained steel (uf steel), which is characterized by "more energy saving, more economical and lower carbon", which greatly promoted the upgrading of the automotive outer plate material industry. beijing shougang and great wall joined forces and cooperated sincerely for 20 months from development and application to commercial cooperation, which not only rapidly promoted green and low-carbon development, but also realized the transformation of its automotive plate materials from following to leading.

guided by technology, beijing shougang enhances its services and brand influence, adheres to the concept of "manufacturing service" and always regards customer satisfaction as the service goal that enterprises strive for. focusing on the material selection requirements of great wall, shougang and great wall started the cooperation project "high-performance automobile chassis steel and application technology driven by the peak carbon and carbon neutrality goals", and took the lead in carrying out research on applied technologies such as forming, welding, bonding, painting and corrosion resistance of zam chassis steel made by hot-rolled plates at home, aiming to further enhance the competitive advantages of its automotive plates. shougang cooperated with great wall to develop hot-rolled zm products for chassis, which was recognized by the great wall group in july 2022 and won the "first prize" of lean improvement cases. the application of this product in chassis steel can significantly improve their corrosion resistance and contribute to the quality improvement of automobiles.

in the future, against the backdrop of new energy, intelligence and globalization, beijing shougang will continue to focus on its customers, deepen "manufacturing service" through product and channel upgrading, actively promote the implementation of technology with the spirit of innovation and progress, enable the product structure to be optimized to "new", reach farther with new strategies and patterns, and comprehensively help chinese brands to forge ahead on the tide of the times.

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