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shougang unveils jingtang calibration laboratory

release time:2023-05-03 10:17:09

recently, shougang unveiled the jingtang calibration laboratory.

in recent years, jingtang has actively promoted its enterprises to build a measurement management system. since 2021, it has organized calibration and verification work, participated in metrological calibration training for enterprises, successively obtained 42 calibration certificates and trained four national second-class registered metrologists. on january 10th, 2023, it was confirmed by the tangshan municipal audit bureau, tangshan municipal institute of metrology, caofeidian district audit bureau and caofeidian bureau of quality and technical supervision that it had officially passed auditing for construction bids by cma (qualification certification of inspection and testing institutions), becoming the first simplified pilot unit in hebei province to "undertake the authorized examination and approval of tasks by national legal metrological verification institutions".

with the calibration laboratory officially put into operation, jingtang’s pressure equipment now has a detection capacity of 160 units/day, its temperature equipment has a detection capacity of 70 units/day and its electric energy equipment has a detection capacity of 24 units/day, with the calibration capacity reaching the most advanced level in china. the operation of the calibration laboratory will greatly improve the precision and efficiency of jingtang’s inspection technology, and reduce the inspection costs of its enterprises. while meeting jingtang’s requirements for the verification and calibration of internal measuring equipment, the calibration laboratory will continue to explore the external market, provide satisfactory measurement and calibration services for society, and build a benchmark for the calibration industry.

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