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shougang engineering company holds symposium on 50th anniversary of establishment

release time:2023-04-03 12:54:41

on march 18th, the shougang engineering company held a symposium on the 50th anniversary of its establishment. it was attended by chinese academy of engineering academician yin ruiyu; group leaders han qing and wang tao; leaders of shougang co., ltd., jingtang and equity companies; leaders of industry associations, societies, universities and cooperative units; retired group leaders; members of the leadership team; and retired leaders, middle-level cadres, model workers and other relevant personnel of the shougang engineering company.

in his speech, han qing pointed out that over the past 50 years, the shougang engineering company has developed from a design office, design department and design institute to today's engineering technology company; developed from a small company to a large company, then from a large company to a strong company; and developed from repairing and assembly to designing and completing the project design of shougang qinhuangdao park, qian’an steel & iron and jingtang iron & steel factory, building dream factories of iron and steel enterprises in the world in the 21st century, which has always been the vanguard of shougang's reform and development. several generations of shougang engineering company designers weathered trials and hardships, worked hard and passed their knowledge down from generation to generation, making positive contributions to the construction of shougang and the development of the steel industry. in its future work, the shougang engineering company’s personnel should thoroughly learn and implement the spirit of the 20th national congress of the communist party of china, conscientiously implement the decision-making arrangements of the municipal party committee and government, as well as the work requirements of the party committee of the group, deepen reform and innovation, and work hard and bravely with a broader vision and more practical measures, so as to ensure the completion of all tasks to lay a good foundation for high-quality development and promote enterprises to embark on a new journey of high-quality development.

yin ruiyu pointed out that looking back over the past, we have adhered to the original intention and forged ahead; looking forward to the future, we feel that time waits for no one and we should work hard and do our best. the shougang engineering company is a comprehensive design consultancy and engineering service enterprise that has grown with the development of the chinese iron and steel industry and the shougang group. it has built a new generation of practical platforms for the engineering technology integration of the iron and steel manufacturing process in china, and built a circular economy innovation demonstration base and scientific development demonstration factory with the heavy chemical industry as the core. through 50 years of trials and hardships, technology has always been the foundation of both design institutes and engineering companies, and technological innovation is the eternal theme for promoting the development of enterprises and the core element for building their market competitiveness. with the indomitable spirit of innovation and struggling to the end on the basis of 50 years of technical accumulation, the shougang engineering company will create even greater glories and make more dazzling contributions to the high-quality development of the chinese iron and steel industry.

before the meeting, everyone watched the 50th anniversary film and reviewed the extraordinary course of half a century together. after the meeting, the shougang engineering company released the commemorative book the hope of blueprints: the story of 50 years and 15 most influential events on the 50th anniversary, presented souvenirs to the representatives of old model workers and young and middle-aged model workers since the 1990s, and staged wonderful performances written and directed by employees.

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