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shougang lanzatech obtains industry's first product carbon label certification

release time:2023-03-13 16:00:13

recently, shougang lanzatech obtained carbon label certification from the china electronic energy saving technology association for its bioethanol products, becoming the first such qualified enterprise in the domestic ethanol industry.

the carbon label or carbon footprint label is an effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, popularize low-carbon emission technology, declare the greenhouse gas emissions emitted by products in their production processes with quantitative indexes on product labels, inform consumers of the carbon emission information of products in the form of labels, and encourage and guide green production and consumption. under the general global trend of green development and "peak carbon and carbon neutrality", the carbon labeling system is becoming a green pass for low-carbon economic development certification and global trade.

after more than ten years of independent r&d on gas fermentation integration technology, shougang lanzatech, a leading enterprise in the synthetic biology industry, has converted industrial tail gas such as co and co2 into high-value products such as bioethanol and feed protein by directly transforming inorganic carbon and nitrogen into organic carbon and nitrogen. this breakthrough has realized the efficient and clean utilization of industrial tail gas resources, which is of great significance for lowering co2 emissions, reducing china's dependence on soybean imports and guaranteeing national food and energy security.

in 2021, shougang lanzatech actively cooperated with the shanghai advanced research institute of the chinese academy of sciences on conducting the life cycle assessment (lca) of the carbon footprint of its products and processes. in october 2022, it completed the relevant evaluation report and formally applied to the china electronic energy saving technology association for the carbon label. shougang lanzatech's successful carbon label certification is the recognition and affirmation of its preliminary work, as well as a spur and encouragement for its subsequent work. in the future, shougang lanzatech will give full play to its leading role in the industry, continue its pursuit of technological innovation and contribute to the development of the green and low-carbon bio-economy.

the china electronic energy saving technology association is a national social organization registered by the ministry of civil affairs which is committed to china's carbon label evaluation, standard formulation, appraisal and certification, technological innovation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and acts as the tie and bridge in the fields of low-carbon evaluation and certification, the low-carbon economy, climate change response and international trade. to date, 66 carbon labels have been directly issued by the china electronic energy saving technology association, mainly involving electronic appliances, environmental protection equipment, chemical engineering and other industries.

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