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science fiction industry gathers in shougang park in post-winter olympics era

release time:2023-02-07 14:24:26

since last september, a group of high-quality sci-fi enterprises including kankan tech, luster, beijing weijing optical technology co., ltd., novoshine and lanbo have settled in shougang park. to date, more than 60 sci-fi and meta-universe enterprises have successively settled in shougang park, initially constructing an industrial development pattern of "content creation ip transformation film and television special effects production hard technology immersive experience". in this way, the agglomeration effects of sci-fi enterprises in shougang park are starting to appear.

at the china science fiction convention 2020, the china association for science and technology and beijing municipal government signed the strategic cooperation agreement on promoting the development of the science fiction industry in beijing, and decided to build a science fiction industry cluster around shougang park. in the past two years, with the guidance and support of all parties, shougang park has made solid efforts to achieve results in accordance with the implementation plan of the science fiction industry cluster area and the annual work plan of the beijing municipal science & technology commission and zhongguancun science park management committee for the science fiction industry.

the science fiction industry cluster takes shougang industrial heritage park as the starting area, including jin'anqiao and the southern green axis area, with a floor area of 71.7 hectares and a building area of nearly 160,000 m2, mainly including the following: jin'an science fiction plaza, the gathering area of sci-fi enterprises, with a building area of 92,000 m2; new scene space represented by soreal metaverse park at blast furnace no. 1 in shougang park, metaverse experience center at ciftis hall 10, baidu apollo unmanned autopilot, etc.; industrial green axis areas and public spaces bearing modern exhibition functions such as ciftis; and 13 characteristic industrial relics currently under construction, creating a dynamic and shared new space.

in recent years, many major events such as the winter olympics, ciftis, china science fiction convention, etc. have been held in shougang park, which has contributed a great "magnet effect" for resource gathering, industrial development and brand building in the park. since the listing of the science fiction industry cluster, the ecosystem of the park's science fiction industry has been continuously improved, and its carrying capacity gradually enhanced.

in 2021, the shougang group jointly established the country's first "science fiction industry consortium" with 40 enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions. at present, the consortium has expanded to 51 members, becoming an important platform for industry exchanges, cooperation and display. the zhongguancun science fiction industry innovation center jointly established with zhongguancun was officially unveiled, and 51 high-tech sci-fi and meta-universe upstream and downstream enterprises were introduced. half of the enterprises were founded by overseas returned experts, among which nearly 20% are advanced, sophisticated and innovative enterprises introduced from outside beijing. with the support of the beijing municipal science & technology commission, the shougang group is focusing on five public service platforms such as science fiction film and television shooting, motion capture and optical imaging. it also jointly funded the beijing science fiction international awards with the shijingshan district government and tencent company, and jointly established the first science fiction industry equity fund in china with shijingshan district which has a scale of rmb 300 million....

centering on the core demands of policies, talents, scenarios, r&d, cooperation and publicity in the process of enterprise development, shougang park will build and improve the "one body, four wings and six dimensions" system, strive to create a sci-fi creation highland, sci-fi open highland, sci-fi talent highland and sci-fi venture capital highland with international influence, establish the global influence of beijing's science fiction brands, open up new fields and tracks for development, constantly shape new driving forces and advantages for development, and strive to create a new pattern of the high-quality development of shougang park, thereby contributing to the construction of the beijing international science and technology innovation center.

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