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shougang beiye listed as "hidden champions" enterprise in beijing

release time:2023-02-06 09:42:57

recently, the beijing municipal bureau of economy and information technology and beijing federation of industry and commerce announced the list of beijing's "hidden champions" enterprises in 2022. shougang beiye made the list by virtue of its advanced technology level, outstanding r&d capability and leading market position in the field of new materials.

as a high-tech enterprise in new materials arranged by the shougang group, beiye has been deeply engaged in the field of materials for over 60 years, specializing in the r&d and production of special metallic functional materials and high-end structural metallic materials required by industries such as aerospace, energy transportation, power electronics, automobiles, etc. meanwhile, it specializes in high-quality, multi-variety, multi-specification and small-batch products, and its production and sales scales rank in the forefront of its domestic counterparts. besides, it has successively undertaken key projects in major fields such as shenzhou and chang'e spacecraft and carrier rocket projects, national 863 projects, major instrument projects and "two aircraft" project. a variety of new materials developed by beiye have filled domestic gaps, with some reaching the international advanced level and achieving import substitution, providing a strong guarantee for the modernization of major equipment and key areas of the national economy.

as one of the twelve selected 2022 "hidden champions" enterprises in beijing, beiye will continue to strengthen its leadership by party building, thoroughly implement the new development concepts, insist on sci-tech innovation, practice scientific research through engineering approaches, focus on the r&d and production of high-end functional and structural metallic materials, always serve major national demands, solve the "bottleneck" of high-end materials, devote itself to the import substitution of high-end materials, inherit and carry forward the spirit of shougang, and create the beiye brand.

"hidden champions" refers to enterprises that occupy leading positions in sub-sectors or markets and possess core competitiveness, clear strategies and products and services that are difficult to surpass or imitate. the evaluation of beijing's "hidden champions" enterprises is organized by the beijing municipal bureau of economy and information technology and beijing federation of industry and commerce, aiming to promote high-quality economic development in beijing and support enterprises to become better and stronger, and enhance their comprehensive strength. this selection requires the leading products of participating enterprises to occupy a market share that ranks first in china or in the top three in the world, with r&d investment accounting for more than 5% of their operating income or r&d investment of more than rmb 100 million in the last year, and r&d personnel accounting for no less than 20%.

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