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big air shougang lit with warmth to send blessings to children worldwide

release time:2022-12-26 10:14:45

with the theme of "bringing together every beam of light, lighting up children's future, and going hand in hand to create an inclusive, sustainable and child-friendly social environment", at 19:06 on november 20th, big air shougang was lit with blue lights, a symbol of child friendliness. this is the first time that big air shougang, as one of the landmark buildings in beijing, has participated in the world children's day themed lighting activity organized by unicef to "light up children's future" together with landmark buildings in china and even around the world. that night, 36 cities and counties in china lit up local landmark buildings or stadiums with blue lights symbolizing child friendliness. this is the year with the largest number of cities participating in the "lighting up children's future" initiative since the celebration of world children's day in 2017.

world children's day on november 20th every year is a global action day established by unicef for children, as well as a festival that fully reflects children's participation. this year's world children's day celebration is themed with "bringing together every beam of light and lighting up children's future", focusing on safeguarding every child's right to live in an inclusive environment and protecting them from all forms of discrimination.

as the only snow competition venue located in the urban area of beijing division of the 2022 winter olympics, big air shougang witnessed and told the legendary story of beijing to host both the summer and winter olympic games. with chinese players gu ailing and su yiming winning gold medals twice, it has become a "blessed place of two gold medals" for the chinese delegation in one fell swoop, and has attracted the world's attention with its chinese-style appearance and cool industrial landscapes behind it. in the post-winter olympics era, big air shougang will be the world's first big air venue permanently preserved and used, and become a landmark tourist attraction open to the public to meet multi-level needs.

that night, against the blue lights, big air shougang was gentler and more aesthetic, exuding a different charm. the soft blue lights poured over the tracks, on which the slogan of this year's world children's day and the logo of unicef were played in turn, as if inviting children all over the world. with evening lights were lit in shougang park, the towering no. 3 blast furnace, the quiet qunming lake and the winding high line park echoed the blue lights of big air shougang, showing the beauty of the fusion of fire and ice and hardness and softness, and conveying to children all over the world that the future was full of possibilities.

it was reported that, on that day, unicef china held an online celebration with the theme of world children's day and live streamed it on weibo, tik tok, kuaishou, bilibili and other platforms through the official account of unicef.

unicef also launched an online interactive page of "lighting up children's future", on which participants can generate their own virtual images for world children's day and choose blue clothes and props with different words on children's rights.

world children's day is the most influential children's day initiated by unicef in the world, aiming to advocate, promote and celebrate children's rights, fully embody children's participation, arouse the whole world to listen carefully to children's voices, pay special attention to the least advantaged and vulnerable children, and think about how to create a better future for each child.


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