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low-cost and efficient “one-button start/stop” of iron ore in mining waterworks

release time:2022-10-27 09:16:23

to achieve “extremely low-cost operations”, the magnetic separation workshop of iron ore in mining waterworks, according to its reality, has used intelligent means to strengthen energy management and control, and independently implemented the upgrading and transformation of “one-button start/stop” of equipment in the filtration process which was successfully put into use a few days ago.

in the process of transformation, the magnetic separation workshop has given full play to the advantages of the platform of mineral separation technology innovation studio, organized capable forces to carry out the control logic programming of “one-button start/stop” together with partner units, accumulated valuable experience and improved the programming level. on this basis, the magnetic separation workshop has dug deep into the internal potential, coordinated and organized the personnel from the three districts to carry out the reconstruction of “one-button start/stop” of filtration equipment, and completed the automatic remote control reconstruction task of 58 sets of new filtration equipment in which the team of employees was trained and costs were saved.

according to the data, after “one-button start/stop” is enabled in the new filtration equipment, the startup operation of the equipment can be completed within 2 minutes and 45 seconds and the shutdown operation can be completed within 2 minutes and 15 seconds. it takes only 5 minutes to complete one start/stop operation, which improves the efficiency by 5 times and reduces the reactive power consumption of equipment by 20 minutes compared with the original start/stop operation of 25 minutes.

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