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twenty-two youths from shougang rated as outstanding volunteers of 2022 ciftis

release time:2022-10-14 09:58:28

in order to provide better volunteer services for the chinese international fair for trade in services (ciftis), according to the requirements of volunteer service team of the party committee and executive committee of the group, shougang’s volunteer service team has taken the initiative, made careful preparations, and completed the volunteer service task at the ciftis, fully demonstrating shougang's role as a state-owned enterprise and elegant demeanor of youths. a few days ago, the volunteer service team of ciftis executive committee awarded twenty-two youths from shougang the title of “outstanding volunteers of 2022 ciftis”.

the youth league committee of shougang group, together with the organization department of the party committee of shougang group, selected outstanding youths and backbone volunteers to fully participate in the management of 1,200 volunteers in shougang exhibition area, actively carried out special training for all volunteers at the venue, and participated in the building of a supervision service team to do a good job in quality management. after strict training and assessment, young volunteers from 19 units including shougang mining, shougang construction and shougang construction investment provided enthusiastic and professional services in information consultation, guest reception and explanation of industrial heritages, demonstrating the elegant demeanor of youths in shougang as a host.

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