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bing dwen dwen and shuey rhon shuang’s naked-eye 3d image in shougang park hits the market

release time:2022-10-10 09:54:09

beijing has successfully hosted the 2022 winter olympics and paralympic winter games, and big air shougang, known as the “snow flying ribbon”, has become a landmark olympic legacy site for the “dual olympic city”. during the post-winter olympics period, shougang combined bing dwen dwen and shuey rhon rhon with industrial relics and scene activities in the park, and launched a naked-eye 3d video of the mascots. the first ceremony was held at 19:30 on september 3rd at big air shougang.

the event was attended and the launch ceremony opened by han zirong, full-time vice-chairman and secretary-general of the organizing committee of the beijing 2022 winter olympics and winter paralympic games, zhao weidong, deputy director in charge of daily work of the publicity department of the beijing committee of the communist party of china, zhang gongyan, secretary and chairman of the shougang group, qiu yinfu, deputy secretary, director and trade union chairman of the shougang group, liang jie, member of the standing committee and deputy general manager of the shougang group, li jinke, member of the standing committee of the shijingshan district committee and minister of the publicity department, and wang zhiyong, deputy head of shijingshan district.

in his speech, zhao weidong said that as the mascots of the winter olympics and paralympics, bing dwen dwen and shuey rhon rhone are also important parts of the sports cultural heritage of the winter olympics. shougang has merged the two most symbolic elements of the winter olympics logo together, integrated naked-eye 3d digital technology and successfully created a digital image of bing dwen dwen and shuey rhon rhon, which is an innovative measure for the digital application of winter olympics cultural heritage, as well as an effective way to achieve the widespread promotion of the winter olympics culture and spirit.

in his speech, liang jie said that the preparation and successful hosting of the beijing winter olympics have left many valuable heritage sites for shougang park, organically combined winter olympics ip with the park’s winter olympics heritage and future development scenes, and launched the naked-eye 3d video of bing dwen dwen and shuey rhon rhon, adding a beautiful feature to the landscape of shougang park. this is the first time in olympic history that naked-eye 3d digital technology has been used to display an ip image, which not only enhances the cultural charm of shougang park, but also helps to promote the spread of olympic culture.

in order to further tap the value of winter olympics heritage and make innovations to its presentation mode, the shougang group joined forces with migu, unicom, tencent, sina sports weibo and csmg to jointly launch the “bing dwen dwan and shuey rhon rhon public welfare communication initiative”.

bing dwen dwen and shuey rhon rhon were released in shougang park in 2019. after a lapse of three years, during ciftis 2022, the digital 3d image of bing dwen dwen and shuey rhon rhon once again made a stunning appearance in shougang park. as the “aborigines” of the park, bing dwen dwen and shuey rhon rhon have witnessed the high-quality transformation and development of shougang park over the past three years, and the best practices of olympic-driven urban renewal.

when the evening lights are lit, big air shougang, known as the “snow flying ribbon”, resembles an elegant ribbon floating in the air, shining brightly against the light in a particularly eye-catching way. at 19:50, the naked-eye 3d video of bing dwen dwen and shuey rhon rhon was officially released. in the starry sky, a meteor emitting blue light is extremely dazzling, flying towards the audience at a very fast speed. it turns out to be a “shougang” spacecraft rich with science and technology and built in the shape of a shougang logo. the spacecraft gradually approaches the audience, and the colorful hatch gives off a strong light. the hatch slowly opens, and bing dwen dwen and shuey rhon rhon melt out, as though “jumping” into the audience’s arms, and fly into the historic workshop of shougang to witness the hot work scene. the molten steel overflows and turns into an ice and snow platform. bing dwen dwen and shuey rhon rhon melt into the air to complete the same actions of gu ailing and su yiming winning the gold medal, then enjoy swimming in a virtual future space featuring shougang’s industrial relics. finally, the 3d slogan “meet shougang, foresee the future” flies into the picture from off-screen, pushing the hot scene to its climax.

as a new landmark of capital city rejuvenation in the new era, shougang park focuses on building the science fiction industry and metaverse industry. it has natural advantages and broad prospects for introducing and developing naked-eye 3d projects. next, shougang park will continue to focus on “science and technology ” and “sports ” to continuously increase the cultivation of leading industries, focusing on the development of high-tech industries such as artificial intelligence, science fiction and the metaverse, gathering a number of leading and high-quality enterprises to settle in the park, and carrying out the construction and demonstration of application scenarios such as internet 3.0, metaverse experience exhibition center and autonomous driving, ultimately building a perfect service system of market, talents, application and display for enterprises, optimizing the business environment, strengthening industrial evaluation and tracking services, and shaping new advantages in high-quality development.

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