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shougang group listed in fortune global 500 for eleventh time

release time:2022-09-23 09:45:05

on august 3rd, the official app of fortune released the latest list of the fortune global 500 simultaneously worldwide. the shougang group ranked 328th with operating income of usd 42,090.3 million, ranking 83 places higher than in the previous year. this is the eleventh time that the shougang group has been listed since it first entered the fortune global 500 in 2011.

the year of 2021 was the first year of shougang's 14th five-year plan. in 2021, the shougang group closely followed the main line of laying a solid foundation for high-quality development, adhered to the principle of "mastering" in epidemic prevention and control, and production and operation construction, achieved the best operating performance level in its history and realized a good start to the 14th five-year plan. in 2021, its steel sector continued to become better and stronger, its manufacturing capacity continued to improve, its product structure continued to be optimized and its operating capacity steadily improved. its output of iron, steel and timber reached record highs, and its competitive advantages continued to grow, providing strong support for the improvement of the group’s overall efficiency and fully demonstrating its main business responsibility.

during 2021, the three-year action plan of shougang park concluded in an all-round way. shougang made every effort to do a good job in the "three meetings and two guarantees", successfully completed the service guarantee tasks for major events such as the china international fair for trade in services and china science fiction convention, and put olympic-related projects into full operation. during the beijing winter olympics in 2022, shougang made great efforts to ensure the safe and stable operation of "one stadium, one headquarters, four centers and many teams" and the park, thereby successfully guaranteeing the winter olympics. the participating teams in shougang park won three gold medals, one silver medal and one bronze medal in the winter olympics. big air shougang stunned the world and shougang park attracted global attention, which fully demonstrated the brand-new image of the transformation and development of shougang old industrial zone.

in 2021, shougang deepened the integration of industry and finance, drove finance with production, promoted production with finance, actively connected with the capital market and advanced hand in hand with multiple sectors to promote the high-quality development of the group's industry. shougang green energy was successfully listed as one of the first nine reits of initial public offerings in china, which is of great strategic significance for the group to explore the path of asset transformation from heavy to light, effectively revitalize its existing assets and improve its level of asset securitization.

in 2021, the shadow of covid-19 still hung over the whole world, and the global economy was struggling to restart. however, the total operating income of fortune global 500 companies this year reached about usd 37.8 trillion, up sharply by 19.2% over the previous year, the largest increase in the history of the list. the entry threshold (minimum sales revenue) also skyrocketed from usd 24 billion to usd 28.6 billion. this year, there are 145 chinese companies on the list, and china’s number of large companies continues to rank first among all countries.

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