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geely auto names shougang “best partner”

release time:2022-09-14 16:11:01

recently, geely auto parts & components stock co., ltd. (geely auto) gave shougang its “best partner” award, making shougang the only enterprise to hold this honor among more than 300 suppliers in geely auto’s car body business department.

shougang is an important strategic partner of geely auto. over the past 12 years, the two have cooperated closely and joined forces to realize the transformation of auto sheet materials from following to leading. shougang supplies geely auto with mild steel, high-strength steel, ultra-high strength steel, hot-formed steel and other materials for whole vehicle interior and exterior panels, becoming its core supplier of internal and external panels. shougang will always be committed to supplying geely auto with greener and lower-carbon materials through technological innovation so as to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results for both parties.

the affirmation of its users is an inexhaustible impetus for shougang’s progress, and their satisfaction is shougang’s tireless pursuit. the market environment is changing rapidly. in its future cooperation, shougang will continue to deepen its “product, quality, cost, service and technology” advantages, constantly improve its hardcore strength of “manufacturing services”, create the most solid backing for customers on the road ahead through innovative and high-quality products, make new contributions to technological green travel for customers through higher-quality services, contribute to the development of china’s independent auto brands and join hands with geely auto to make further progress.

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