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shougang gets thumbs-up for its service guarantee on opening day of china beijing international fair for trade in services(ciftis)

release time:2022-09-12 14:19:00

the autumn breeze passes by the cooling towers built in 1919, swirls through the “republic legend no. 3 blast furnace” completed in 1959, carries the “gold medal” glory of big air shougang, sweeps past shougang park that has been forging ahead for a hundred years, and pushes open the door of shougang park for the 2022 china beijing international fair for trade in services(ciftis)to welcome guests and friends from all around the world. the unique garden-style venues and high-quality shougang service guarantee have won the praise of exhibitors and professional visitors.

"the contents of the exhibition hall in shougang park are much richer than those of last year, which is convenient for us to better understand industry information and grasp industry trends." september 1st is professional visitor day. early in the morning, jiang hailong, a medical professional, visited hall 3 of ciftis in shougang park. "the shougang park that i visited at ciftis last year has experienced the baptism of the beijing winter olympics and become the punch-in place for online celebrities around the world. nowadays, with the entry of many catering and automobile industries, and the gradual improvement of the facilities in the park, it’s become the first choice for new tourism, leisure and amusement. so, i’m very much looking forward to the future development of the century-old shougang park!"

after the opening of the 2022 ciftis, special exhibitions such as cultural tourism services, health and hygiene services, education services, supply chain and commerce services, sports services, financial services, telecommunications, computer and information services, and engineering consultation and construction services appeared in shougang park, and the unique garden-style and cluster-type exhibitions won the praise of exhibitors.

"inside the exhibition hall is the world's top professional exhibition area, and outside the exhibition hall is a century-old park that attracts worldwide attention. shougang park is developing in better and better ways, and its popularity is getting higher and higher!" sun hongwei from beijing baidu netcom science and technology co., ltd. said. “this is the first year i’ve taken part in the exhibition, but i’m sort of an old friend of shougang park. baidu has been holding unmanned driving tests in shougang park and witnessing its development. when the torch of the winter olympics was passed in shougang park at the beginning of the year, a baidu driverless car carried it to the relay site, which was incredible and a wonderful collision between science and technology, culture and industrial relics. we weren’t absent from the sci-fi conference held in shougang park last year. at that time, i was deeply impressed by the light show of the blast furnace. i hope that shougang park will incorporate more cultural and scientific and technological elements, and make greater achievements in the future.”

"compared with last year, shougang park has improved its exhibition hall and area environment, transportation planning, catering and other aspects, bringing a more convenient and comfortable experience of attending the exhibition. this year, with the thoughtful service guarantee of shougang, our exhibition cycle has been greatly shortened." yang zhenqing, director of the intelligent construction center of beijing construction engineering group, said, "shougang park, as an urban renewal project, needs the transformation and development of the digital empowerment industry. in recent years, the popularity of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc. has remained high, and these spotlights are gathered in shougang park. shougang is full-fledged in diversified development."

"this is the first time that we have come to ciftis at shougang park to participate in the exhibition. we have fully experienced the enthusiasm of shougang. for power maintenance, transportation, contact and reception, and epidemic prevention and control, all the work is meticulous, and the all-round service guarantee makes exhibitors feel at home." qu xiaoxiu from picc health insurance co., ltd. said, "i live nearby and often visit it with my children. shougang park is a blessed place to win a gold medal. with strong influence, it has driven the development of the west of the capital. we also want to make full use of the popularity of shougang park and the influence of this ciftis to enable us to meet more future partners and achieve better cooperation outcomes during the exhibition."

"this is my first time coming to shougang park to participate in the exhibition 

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