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beijing shougang ranks 101st in fortune china 500

release time:2022-08-31 16:07:10

on july 12th, fortune plus released the 2022 fortune china 500 list in which beijing shougang ranked 101st, 41 places ahead of 2021. in 2021, beijing shougang’s operating performance increased significantly year-on-year, with net profit attributable to its parent of rmb 7.014 billion, up by 293% year-on-year.

since its listing in 1999, beijing shougang has always kept pace with the times and its users, employees and shareholders. in 2021, beijing shougang insisted on precise services and green, intelligent, refined and lean manufacturing, and made continuous efforts to maintain strong market competitiveness. it also practiced the concept of green development, actively explored the path of emission reduction in the industrial chain, reduced its total carbon emissions across the steel product lifecycle, set a benchmark for the industry, created conditions for downstream industries and benefited society. meanwhile, it actively adapted to the requirements of the new development pattern, adhered to the guidance of high-end products and channels, and continuously optimized its customer and channel structures. its domestic market share of high-end product clusters such as auto panels, electrical steel and tinplate ranked at the forefront; and its supply ratio of oriented electrical steel in the baihetan and wudongde hydropower stations, which have the world’s largest total installed capacity currently under construction, reached 50% and 76% respectively.

it is reported that the total operating income of the top 500 listed chinese companies reached rmb 62 trillion this year, up by 17.4% over the previous year, and the net profit reached rmb 4.7 trillion, up by 9.2% over the previous year. the annual revenue threshold of listed companies this year is close to rmb 22.8 billion, up by 31% from nearly rmb 17.4 billion last year.

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