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shougang old industrial zone (north district) renewal project named “best practice” of beijing urban renewal

release time:2022-07-11 09:21:46

recently, the list of winning projects in the first selection activity for “best practices of beijing urban renewal” organized by the beijing urban planning society was officially announced, and 16 “best practices” and 18 “excellent cases” of beijing urban renewal were finally selected. the renewal project of shougang old industrial zone (north district) was named a “best practice” of beijing urban renewal.

located on the west extension line of chang’an street, shougang old industrial zone is a benchmark project for the renovation and utilization of large-scale and regional industrial sites. since the beijing organizing committee for the 2022 olympic and paralympic winter games entered in 2016, shougang old industrial zone (north district) has become an early renewal area, including shijingshan landscape park, winter olympics square and shougang industrial heritage park. in the whole process from planning to implementation, the project will be used to solve multiple problems such as land resource utilization, environmental pollution treatment, industrial heritage protection, employee employment placement, transformation and development momentum, etc., and promote cultural revival, industrial revival, ecological revival and vitality revival with the goal of creating a “new landmark for the revival of the capital city in the new era”. international olympic committee president bach commented that shougang park “has realized the perfect integration of competition venues, reuse of industrial heritage and urban renewal”.

the first selection activity of “best practices of urban renewal in beijing” aims to select a number of projects that implement the beijing urban master plan (2016–2035), improve urban functions, shape dynamic space, improve people’s livelihood and well-being, embody diversified participation and have demonstration effects. they highlight the best practices and form a replicable and propagable model of urban renewal in beijing. in this activity, a total of 210 projects recommended/declared by more than 100 units in the city were received, covering municipal departments in charge of relevant industries, district governments and departments in charge of relevant industries, special committees in the beijing urban planning society, design units, project implementers, etc.

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