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west beijing transformation and development action plan (2022–2025) released shougang park continues to polish three golden business cards to speed u

release time:2022-06-02 09:57:35

on march 30th, in order to complete the strategic implementation of the outline of the 14th five-year plan and consolidate and deepen the three-year action plan of new shougang, beijing released the action plan for building new landmarks for the renaissance of the capital in the new era and accelerating the transformation and development of west beijing (2022–2025) (hereinafter referred to as the action plan).

in 2019, beijing released shougang’s new three-year action plan, the old industrial zone seized the opportunity of the winter olympics, and the city’s renaissance began to take shape. in order to effectively promote the transformation and development of west beijing, the action plan focuses on 24 tasks in six aspects, namely “four transformations, one promotion and one construction,” including changing the regional function and image, and building new landmarks for the renaissance of the capital in the new era. it makes good use of the three “golden business cards”, namely the winter olympics, ciftis and new landmarks, to enhance international communication such as international cultural exchanges and sports events in west beijing, and carefully shapes an important window that presents the excellent image of the capital. it also promotes the industrial ecology and energy level, and speeds up the industrial transformation and upgrading demonstration zone in west beijing. industry is the “highlight” of the transformation of west beijing. focus will be placed on key areas such as new shougang area and jingxi demonstration area, and characteristic industries such as science fiction, ar/vr, etc., so as to achieve deep, refined and practical results. the strategy will transform the advantages of human resources and promote the characteristic and high-quality development of west beijing’s cultural tourism; continue to improve characteristic landscape belts and public spaces such as the winter olympic park, industrial heritage park and high line park, and enhance social and economic benefits; transform the urban governance modes to enhance the quality and vitality of the city; aim at actual functions and demands, and improve the overall carrying capacity of the city; and complement shortcomings and weaknesses, constructing an ecological barrier in west beijing.

after more than 2,000 days and nights of struggle, shougang successfully guaranteed services for the winter olympics while also seizing the opportunity to create a new landmark for the renaissance of the capital in the new era, thereby achieving phased results and attracting worldwide attention.

shougang made every effort to guarantee services for the winter olympics, meet the office needs of the winter olympics organizing committee with high standards, and fully guarantee the training of the national team and the operation of big air shougang at high levels. during the games, the participating teams from shougang park won three gold medals, one silver medal and one bronze medal. meanwhile, big air shougang became a “blessed land” for chinese athletes, attracting global media coverage. thomas bach, president of the international olympic committee, praised big air shougang as an iconic venue with excellent operation beyond imagination.

shougang coordinated the development and construction of the park, adhered to the priority of infrastructure and the ecological environment, promoted the construction of space carriers and built three blocks including winter olympics square, thereby forming a 540,000 m2 space carrier, including the oxygen separator and liugonghui. to accelerate the gathering of high-end industrial elements and create an industrial ecology, the zhongguancun science fiction industry innovation center and china science fiction research center settled down, took the lead in setting up a “science fiction industry consortium”, hosted high-level events such as the ice hockey world championships, and held more than 200 activities in industrial relics such as the three blast furnaces, thereby significantly improving regional vitality.

the action plan defines the development goals and main tasks of west beijing, involving 21 main responsibilities and coordination tasks of shougang. at the press conference, liang jie, member of the party standing committee and deputy general manager of the shougang group, introduced the related progress. first, shougang will maintain its strategic strength and continue to pursue the goal of reviving new landmarks in the capital in the new era. the urban darning innovation workshop, the gold axis of chang’an avenue, continues to pay attention to inheriting industrial culture, adheres to the people-oriented principle and embodies new concepts such as the dense road network, three-dimensional slow traffic system and open and shared communication spaces in small blocks. the international talent community enhances the spatial inclusiveness, relies on the location advantages of the central city and faces international high-end talents and young innovative and entrepreneurial groups, forming a multi-functional layout of “innovative r&d business offices sports and leisure quality leisure” which further promotes the regional balance of employment and housing, and enhances the new vitality of regional sustainable development.

second, shougang will adhere to open cooperation and implement a professional, market-oriented and international operation and development mode. focusing on key emerging industries, it will further increase the introduction of market-oriented and professional operation teams and strategic partners at home and abroad, strengthen connections with the core area of zhongguancun, actively integrate into the connections of beijing’s “five keys” and provide a mass industrial expansion space for the construction of international science and technology centers. winter olympic facilities such as big air shougang will cooperate with international organizations on holding high-level international competitions and certification training. they will be open to society and operate in a variety of formats to meet the needs at different levels.

third, shougang will explore business models and achieve healthy, coordinated and sustainable development. it prioritizes customized construction according to customer needs, and develops each project when it becomes mature; optimizes the design and financing schemes, strengthens the cost control of the whole industry chain, strives for multi-channel financial support, effectively reduces development costs and improves project quality; actively explores a business model that combines self-sustaining property with supporting value-added services, equity cooperation, asset securitization, etc., and makes good use of the municipal and district supportive policies and economic contributions, thereby promoting the landing of major industrial projects and the sustainable development of the park.

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