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peking university shougang hospital receives thank-you letter from beijing winter olympics organizing committee

release time:2022-05-19 13:23:17

recently, peking university shougang hospital received a thank-you letter from the secretary and administration department of the organizing committee of the beijing 2022 winter olympic and paralympic games, thanking it for sending medical backbones and offering high-level medical security. the letter reads, “you dispatched 22 comrades, including zhang hongxia and wei qing, to support our work during the games, which provided strong assistance for the safe operation of the headquarters of the beijing winter olympics organizing committee and the efficient operation of the dispatching center of the operation headquarters. here, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you and pay our high respects!”

in may 2016, after the beijing winter olympics organizing committee entered shougang park, peking university shougang hospital (the “hospital”) set up the “xishi center clinic”, a medical extension point in the office area of the organizing committee headquarters, to offer medical security during the winter olympics and daily major activities. the hospital specially formulated a detailed medical security plan, guaranteed the required medical equipment and personnel, created a green channel for rapid emergency medical treatment and conducted a series of covid-19 prevention and control measures, first aid training and full-process practical drills. during the games, zhang hongxia, communist party member and deputy chief physician of endocrinology, was specially assigned as the head of the “xishi center clinic”, and wei qing, communist party member and head nurse of the office healthcare room, was assigned as its head nurse. along with 20 other key medical workers from various departments of peking university shougang hospital, they devoted themselves to guaranteeing medical services by giving full play to their spirit and enthusiasm for the work.

shougang has a long history with the “dual olympics”. peking university shougang hospital was not only the designated hospital for the 2008 beijing olympic games, but also the leading hospital for venue medical security of the 2022 beijing winter olympics. with integrated medical resources, the hospital has established the “winter olympics special team” and “medical security expert group for the winter olympic and paralympic games”. meanwhile, it has rich experience in providing medical security for the games and major events in shougang park, all of which have provided strong support for the “xishi center clinic”.

based on the resources of the hospital, as well as its core role, the “xishi center clinic” completed the daily medical security of the staff of the winter olympics organizing committee, medical security of important international and domestic conferences, medical first aid and quick green channel referral with high standards, high efficiency and high quality, winning the strong affirmation of the cadres and workers of the winter olympics organizing committee.

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