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shuttle bus in shougang park offers attentive service

release time:2022-02-01 10:18:53

as the countdown to the winter olympics begins, the north zone of shougang park has been closed. to facilitate the travel of merchants, workers and visitors in the park, the shougang construction investment company and shougang park service company made plans in advance to provide a free shuttle bus service for visitors. the reporter took the shuttle bus, a unique way of getting around the park, and experienced “shougang service”.

at 9:50, the reporter visited the west side of hall no. 1, located at the south entrance hall of ciftis in shougang park, and met zhao yunfeng of the shougang park service company’s chartered bus transport department who is responsible for the shuttle service. he told the reporter that a detailed route plan has been made according to the different needs of merchants, workers and visitors with duties and appointments in the park, and bus stations have been set up at the most convenient locations to meet everyone’s travel needs to the greatest extent. there are seven shuttle bus stations, namely west side of south entrance hall no. 1, equipment depot, wuyi theater, winter olympics plaza, xiuchi hotel, shangri-la hotel and equipment depot again, finally returning to west side of south entrance hall no. 1. the bus passes by qunming lake, chang’an mills, no. 3 blast furnace, winter olympics exhibition hall, xiuchi, honglou hotel, xiuchi hotel and shangri-la hotel before arriving at the winter training center. the route basically covers all the important scenic spots and offices in the park.

west side of south entrance hall no. 1 is the starting station of the shuttle bus. at the scene, the reporter saw the driver wei zhimin checking the shuttle bus carefully before departure due to the snow. wei told the reporter that to ensure the safety of passengers, he checks the bus every morning before departure, during the noon break and at night after work, and he also checks the bus briefly after each trip. 

at 10:00, the shuttle bus was ready to depart. inside the bus, a warm breeze was blowing. the reporter saw only two passengers and an attendant on the bus. zhao yunfeng told the reporter, “there aren’t many passengers during ordinary hours, but many of the park’s merchants and workers take the shuttle buses during the morning and evening rush hours. at weekends, visitors take the buses in droves and we’re busy. but we leave on time even if we have only one or two passengers. we can’t keep everyone waiting.” according to the relevant statistics, from january 5th to 18th, the shuttle bus of the shougang park service company served 3,000 passengers. the reporter noticed that the shuttle bus was slower than a regular bus. it turns out that the shougang park service company deliberately slowed down the bus for smooth driving and safety, allowing passengers to feel more comfortable and better enjoy the scenery along the way.

“we’ve arrived at the equipment depot! if you’re going to qunming lake and the coking plant, please get off here,” wei said as he announced his stop. wei told the reporter that every time the bus arrives at a station, the driver will not only give the name of the station, but also tell passengers about the famous scenic spots and landmarks nearby that they can visit.

the attendants even take the initiative to help passengers carry their luggage, providing meticulous service for every passenger.

a passenger working at the winter training center said that shougang’s shuttle service is a good solution to the situation that vehicles cannot enter the park. it only takes them a few minutes to walk to work after getting off, which is very convenient. a passenger with a suitcase said, “this is my first visit to shougang park and i’m going to the shangri-la hotel. since the park is closed, i would have walked a long way. but i saw a notice about the shuttle bus on the applet, and i can get off right at the shangri-la hotel. shougang is so considerate.”

after the trip, wei immediately disinfected and checked the shuttle bus. zhao yunfeng told the reporter that while providing services, epidemic prevention and control is essential; the driver should disinfect the bus after each trip and remind passengers to sit apart and maintain social distancing while driving. the reporter calculated that one trip takes about 20 minutes. after the brief disinfection and inspection, the driver starts a new trip. the shuttle bus runs every half hour from 7:30 to 19:30, and makes 22 trips a day, sometimes up to 24 trips on weekends, depending on the number of visitors. it is these seemingly boring round trips that highlight the meticulous and thoughtful “shougang service”.

the shuttle bus service will continue until the end of the winter paralympics on march 20th.

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