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century-old shougang gains new vitality in the post-olympic era

release time:2021-12-22 09:40:28

——"winter olympic square and industrial site park" of shougang park named "beijing winter olympic park"


a few days ago, reporters learned from the winter olympics cooperation department of the shougang group that after applying to name an olympic heritage site almost one year ago, the international olympic committee (ioc) has officially agreed to authorize the winter olympics square and industrial site park region to be named "beijing winter olympic park".


in september and november 2019, the shougang group made two presentations to the international olympic committee on its application to name the north zone of shougang park "shougang olympic park" as an olympic heritage site. after the presentations, ioc experts made a field visit to the region applying to use the word “olympic” in its name, and highly affirmed the achievements of the site’s transformation. in january 2020, the shougang group compiled the report on the region shougang applies to name “olympic park” according to the requirements of the general planning department of the beijing winter olympics organizing committee.


beijing winter olympic park is located in the north zone of the new shougang high-end industrial comprehensive service area, covering winter olympic square and industrial site park. winter olympic square is located in the central and western part of the north zone, and it has an area of 99.5 hectares and a building scale of 448,000 m2. this is the residence of the organizing committee of the beijing 2022 winter olympics and the training venue of the winter sports management center of the general administration of sport of china. it includes the shougang ski jump platform, the official competition venue of the beijing winter olympics, the "bei qi tong" enterprise office area transformed from industrial silos, the no. 3 blast furnace, shougang’s landmark building, and so on. industrial site park is located in the middle of the north zone, and it has an area of 71.7 hectares and a building scale of 89,300 m2. here, the main relics of the industrial process and green space are taken as the main body to realize a 1.9 km green axis landscape. through the transformation of industrial relics such as the blast furnace hopper, dust collector and transfer station, jin'anqiao traffic integration and an extreme sports park have been built, including rock climbing, skateboarding and roller skating. the blast furnaces have been transformed into a "sports " science and technology space and "sports " cultural experience space integrating ice and snow sports experience related to winter olympic culture publicity, and combined with ar and vr technology.


“green” is the main color of the winter olympic heritage site; “inheritance” is the most precious aspect of the winter olympic heritage site; and “development” is the biggest change brought by the winter olympics to shougang. thus, "green, inheritance and development" has become the "golden business card" of shougang park, as the blast furnace stands but no smoke billows, the factory buildings still exist without rumbling machines, qunming lake is sparkling, and the reeds ripple beside xiuchi lake. yongding river, the mother river of beijing, flows through the west side of the area, and the xishan mountains form a natural "green barrier". under the witness of shijingshan mountain, the first mountain of immortals in the capital of yan state, the former "city of steel" has been rejuvenated.


on the northernmost side of winter olympics square lies xishi winter olympics plaza, where the organizing committee of the beijing 2022 winter olympics and paralympics is located. in 2013, the renovation of xishi silo was listed by the national development and reform commission among the first batch of pilot projects for the relocation and renovation of old industrial areas in china; it was also the first renovation project of shougang park, and the organizing committee of the beijing winter olympics was the first unit to settle there. formerly xishi silo, used for storing ironmaking raw materials, it consists of 16 cylindrical silos and 2 stock bins, as well as several overhead conveying corridors, transfer stations and air compressor rooms, making it an industrial site with distinctive characteristics. on the basis of retaining the original architectural features and combining industrial heritage with modern elements, it symbolizes the rebirth and vitality of industrial heritage, and embodies the philosophy of sustainable development and frugal competition of the winter olympics.


in the east side of the office area of the winter olympics organizing committee lies the no. 3 blast furnace, an internet-famous site of shougang park. in the 100-year development history of shougang, the no. 3 blast furnace has been a "meritorious blast furnace" and the epitome of the development of the iron and steel industry in beijing and even china, engraved with the 100-year industrial memory of beijing. in december 2010, the no. 3 blast furnace, the last blast furnace in shougang's old factory area, ceased production. eight years ago in november 2018, the brilliant "debut" of the no. 3 blast furnace was held following its transformation. as the first ironmaking blast furnace in the world to hold a personalized conference, it pioneered the transformation of large-scale industrial structures into civil buildings. the china science fiction conference, beijing fashion week, beijing science and technology week, beijing xishan-yongding river cultural festival, e-sports beijing 2020, new year's eve party and many other activities have been held here.


to the south of the office area of the winter olympics organizing committee, at the foot of shijingshan mountain, lies the winter olympics training center. the original steel grey clean coal workshop has been "customized" according to the characteristics of ice and snow sports and competition training requirements. based on the spatial structure of the original industrial workshop, it has been transformed and "divided" into three training halls for speed skating, figure skating and curling where the national teams can prepare for the winter olympics, adjacent to the top domestic and even world-class shougang ice hockey hall. to the south lies the shougang ski jump platform. as the first ski jump venue in the world to be permanently preserved and used, it will become one of the most important heritage sites of the beijing 2022 winter olympics after the competition.


the central green axis of industrial site park runs north to south and plays a role in raising the overall environmental quality of the north zone. here, the “final exam” has just ended: completing all kinds of construction and supporting tasks for the shougang park venues of the 2021 china international fair for trade in services (ciftis). the cluster venues of ciftis built by shougang shine in the sun, and rows of coke ovens stand in the green space, creating a spectacular sight. the old rusty coke quenching tower and brand-new exhibition hall accentuate each other. a vision of the perfect meeting of history and reality, and industry and art, is displayed to the world, and everything about shougang goes viral on the internet.


in recent years, shougang has taken advantage of the olympic games to achieve rapid transformation and development. the construction of the park is different every day, and its landscape changes step by step. the north zone of the new shougang high-end industrial comprehensive service area depicts a beautiful blueprint with innovation, restoration, vitality and greenness as its core concepts and characteristics. the name "beijing winter olympic park" will fully activate this beloved land to create a win-win model for the olympic games and urban development.


entitled "driving the transformation and development of shougang, and creating a new landmark for the revival of the capital city in the new era", chapter 10 of the report on the heritage of the beijing 2022 winter olympics and paralympics (2020) selects the three aspects of "ice and snow venues and facilities have been constructed, driving the rapid development of sports-related industries", "the transformation and utilization of industrial heritage are carried out to create a business card with cultural heritage characteristics" and "a high-quality livable environment is created to build an international talent community". on this basis, it demonstrates that shougang seizes the strategic opportunities of the winter olympics to create a new landmark of the revival of the capital city in the new era, make full preparations for the winter olympics, renew old industrial areas organically, closely integrate green and high-end development, adhere to reduction development, promote new green and intelligent technologies, cultivate new kinetic energy for innovation and development, tap the new connotations of cultural development, strive to achieve cultural, industrial, ecological and dynamic revival in the central urban areas of megacities under conditions of multiple constraints, and shape new landmarks reflecting high-quality development in the new era, advanced concepts of urban governance and the cultural confidence of the capital of a massive country.


beijing winter olympic park in shougang park is the second olympic park in beijing, making it a "double olympic city", which will serve to vigorously promote the upgrading of urban functions and the development of the ice and snow industry, accelerate the transformation and construction of the western region of beijing, and help the region build an urban area with winter olympic sports characteristics. shougang will strive to build beijing winter olympic park into a demonstration area of the "sports industry" that inherits olympic culture and sportsmanship, create a new model for the post-competition utilization of olympic facilities, form a new space for leisure, fitness, fashion and consumption, gather intelligent, efficient, green and low-carbon new industries, give full play to the driving effect of the winter olympics, make good use of winter olympics heritage, develop sports and fitness for the people, and popularize ice and snow sports.


in the future, shougang park will continue to carry forward the sustainable development philosophy of the olympic games, closely combine the transformation and development of the park with the winter olympic heritage effects of beijing winter olympic park, and develop the post-winter olympics economy. winter olympic plaza will develop the core sports industry around the winter olympics organizing committee, venue operation and event ip, extend to the surrounding areas to develop sports derivatives and "sports " cross-border integration industries, gather ice and snow resources, hold international events and carnivals of ice and snow sports, build a mass popularization base for ice and snow sports, take ice and snow mass leisure, fitness and competition performance as the core, build an ice and snow industry system driven by ice and snow sports tourism, and become an important carrier of the ice and snow sports industry in the western part of the city. meanwhile, it will introduce high-end ice and snow sports enterprises to settle and actively promote the innovation of consumption patterns. focusing on being the ciftis venue and an extreme sports park, industrial site park will center on the development of the digital intelligence industry, create a digital intelligent innovation base integrating office, r&d, testing and application scenarios, pay attention to the construction of a trendy beijing sports center connected with the extreme sports park and olympic square area, shape the ip of skateboarding, rock climbing, fencing and other trendy and characteristic sports, and build the sports and leisure industry in the park. through zoning planning, steady implementation and professional operation, beijing winter olympic park will integrate sports and fitness, leisure and entertainment, sports training, event performance, artificial intelligence, digital creativity, business exhibition and other industries, and become a new model for the post-competition use of olympic facilities, a "winter sports characteristic area" and "international sports and cultural exchange cluster", a new space for leisure, fitness, fashion and consumption, a model of the olympic games promoting urban development, a model of traditional industrial transformation and upgrading demonstration zones, a model of national green and low-carbon demonstration zones, and a model of industrial heritage reuse and industrial zone revival.


after the winter olympics, beijing winter olympic park will become an important window for popularizing international advanced ice and snow culture. by holding many international and domestic heavyweight events, it will popularize ice and snow sports, train a group of talents to run competitions, and help to cultivate and forge a group of ice and snow enterprises. the abundant leisure and sports resources serving the public in beijing winter olympic park can promote the development of sports and fitness for the people, and create an important leisure and fitness space in western beijing. meanwhile, during its construction, operation and management, beijing winter olympic park will practice the philosophy of sustainable development, advocate green work and green life, assume its social responsibilities, highlight its people-oriented positioning and actively plan and hold various public welfare activities. it is of great significance that beijing winter olympic park in shougang park is sure to become a brand-new business card for beijing, the "capital of international exchanges".


no enterprise such as shougang has previously formed such a deep and indissoluble bond with the olympics. for the beijing olympic games in 2008, shougang resolutely implemented an unprecedented relocation adjustment; ten years later, the olympics once again selected beijing, the winter olympics organizing committee took the lead in entering shougang park, the shougang group became the official partner of the beijing 2022 winter olympics and paralympics, and the bond between shougang and the olympics continued in a rich and colorful manner. the leap from mountain to sea and the transformation from fire to ice have made shougang once again attract worldwide attention as a "double olympics" city. the oath that "everything is for the olympics, shougang walks with the olympics" is being realized, and olympic empowerment is promoting the revival of shougang park. shouldering this brand-new historical mission, the shougang group forges ahead passionately in this hot land.

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