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beijing olympic winter park stunningly unveiled in shougang park

release time:2021-12-01 08:24:56

on october 26th, 2021, the 100-day countdown to the opening of the beijing winter olympics, beijing olympic winter park, a legacy project of the beijing winter olympics, was officially unveiled in shougang park. ioc president bach sent his congratulations via video. he jianghai, deputy secretary general of the beijing winter olympics organizing committee, ni huizhong, vice chairman of the chinese olympic committee and director of the winter sports management center of the general administration of sport of china, zhang gongyan, party committee secretary and chairman of the shougang group, and zhao minge, deputy secretary of the cpc and director and general manager of the shougang group, jointly unveiled beijing olympic winter park. liang zongping, member of the standing committee of the shougang party committee and director and chairman of the trade union, attended the unveiling ceremony. liang jie, member of the standing committee of the shougang party committee and deputy general manager of the shougang group, presided over the ceremony.

located in the north of the new shougang high-end industry services district, beijing olympic winter park covers a total area of 171.2 hectares in the winter olympic plaza and industrial sites park area. it features the shougang ski jump platform (the official venue of the beijing winter olympics), and several event centers such as the headquarters of the beijing winter olympics organizing committee, main operation center of the beijing winter olympics, etc., as well as buildings such as the shougang park national winter sports training center venue cluster, jin’anqiao digital intelligent industry cluster, ciftis venue cluster, etc. beijing olympic winter park is a significant legacy project created ahead of the beijing winter olympics. 

ioc president bach said that beijing olympic winter park will be one of the greatest legacies of the beijing 2022 winter olympics. with its all-round transformation from industrial land to olympic site and then to the headquarters of the olympics organizing committee, shougang park represents the best practice and benchmark for environmental transformation. therefore, i would like to congratulate everyone who participated in shougang’s transformation, and send you my best wishes during this wonderful celebration. i look forward to seeing you again at the 2022 winter olympics in beijing, where we will celebrate this success together.

zhao minge, on behalf of the shougang group, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the chinese olympic committee, beijing winter olympics organizing committee and shijingshan district committee and government for their participation in the naming of beijing olympic winter park. he added that in the future, people will see that steel meets ice and snow, ancient meets modern and industry meets sports at beijing olympic winter park. standing at the new starting point of the “14th five-year plan”, shougang will strive to be the pioneer of soe reform and the vanguard of high-quality development, promote the transformation of industrial relics in the park, stimulate new vitality and inject new driving power, and continue to build beijing olympic winter park into a chinese model of urban development promoted by the olympic games, and a model of global industrial relic reuse and industrial zone revival, as well as the transformation and development of old industrial enterprises.

at the ceremony, liang zongping released shougang’s “snow flying” souvenir stampfolder. this is a gift specially prepared by the shougang group for the 100-day countdown to the beijing winter olympics. with the shougang ski jump platform as key design element and blue as the main color, it incorporates winter olympic elements such as beijing olympic winter park scenery, the mascot “bing dwen dwen”, sports icons, partner portfolio logos and more, showing the prominent results of shougang’s transformation and development, and highlighting the close relationship between shougang and the winter olympics.

during the event, the giant olympic rings logo in shougang park was officially unveiled, and the participants witnessed this exciting moment together.

the shougang group is a “dual olympic enterprise”. in order to implement the national olympic strategy and support the preparations for the beijing 2008 olympic games, shougang implemented an unprecedented relocation of steel mills, becoming the first steel enterprise in china to move from a central city to embrace coastal development, thereby making great contributions to improving the urban environment, promoting urban development and successfully hosting the 2008 olympic games. the original factory in beijing was vacated to form 8.63 km2 of new development space. in 2016, the beijing winter olympics organizing committee settled in shougang park. in 2018, shougang made olympic history by signing on as the official urban renewal service partner of the beijing winter olympics. shougang seized the strategic opportunity of the winter olympics, closely integrated the new landmark of capital city rejuvenation in the new era with the preparations for the winter olympics, organic renewal of old industrial areas and green high-end development, and strived to realize the cultural revival, ecological revival, industrial revival and vitality revival of the park.

in the transformation process, shougang park constantly practiced the development concept of “innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared”, strengthened the protection and reuse of industrial relics, and concentrated on the construction of the north area of shougang park, including functional areas such as the winter olympic plaza and shougang industrial sites park, thus forming the unique feature of combining “sports ” industry with industrial relics. shougang’s transformation and development are highly compatible with the ioc’s vision of building a better world through sports, as well as its concepts of advocating sustainable development and holding the olympic games economically.

beijing olympic winter park actively hosts domestic and international ice and snow sports events, holds special cultural and sports exhibitions, and builds a national sports industry demonstration zone. it also exerts the spillover effect of the winter olympics, expands the “sports ” and “science and technology ” industrial ecology, and builds distinctive industrial clusters. in this way, the industrial relics in the region are activated and utilized, the protective transformation of industrial relics is continuously promoted, and public space with urban features is created. by learning from the featured exhibition mode, the ciftis exhibition area is integrated with industrial style to create the unique ciftis culture.

alternating with beijing olympic park, beijing olympic winter park has become another new olympic landmark of the “dual olympic city”, which is of great significance for continuously carrying forward the olympic spirit, enhancing the olympic brand value, inheriting and making good use of the facilities and relics of beijing winter olympics stadiums, promoting coordinated development between cities and regions, and realizing the goal of win-win development between the olympic games and cities and regions.

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