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​shougang ferroboron wins first prize for its smart mining project

release time:2021-11-22 16:22:47

recently, the 5g smart mining project of liaoning shougang ferroboron co., ltd. (“shougang ferroboron”) invested in by shougang won the first prize at the first "xingliao cup" 5g application scenario collection competition and fourth "zhanfang cup" 5g application collection competition liaoning regional contest.

beijing shougang mining investment co., ltd. (“shougang mining investment”) has deeply implemented the work arrangements of the 14th five-year plan and "two sessions" on guiding the future with wisdom and driving development through innovation. in the process of compiling the 14th five-year plan, it actively organized study tours, broadened its horizons, carried out checks and comparisons, triggered great discussions on information application, transformation and development, enriched the planning contents and expanded the development ideas. shougang mining investment cooperated with its shareholders to organize shougang ferroboron to carry out smart mine construction and comprehensive resource utilization according to local conditions, continuously improve labor efficiency, strengthen lean management, implement precise control and adhere to extremely low-cost operation.

the wengquangou iron-boron deposit project in fengcheng city of liaoning province, which is developed by shougang ferroboron, has proven geological reserves of 283 million tons, making it the largest iron-boron deposit in asia. shougang ferroboron realizes the primary intelligence of its open-pit mining on the basis of digitalization and informationization, and gradually builds a smart mining system with multi-information fusion, thereby achieving the general objective of the unified production operation and control of all factors in the whole process based on intelligent platforms, and implementing the safe, efficient, green and coordinated development of open-pit mine production management.

3d visualization provides a management and control system that realizes dynamic data and real-time analysis, showing the three-dimensional spatial forms, equipment and process system layout, operation status, production plan and construction and management information of open-pit mines. 5g empowers unmanned driving in a safe, economical and efficient manner. combined with the intelligent upgrading of mining and stripping operation specifications, unmanned transportation operation is currently realized at one-fifth capacity.

the 24-hour unlit factory is unmanned, improving labor efficiency. the production command center carries out centralized operation and one-button start-stop, and there is no manual intervention at the beneficiation site.

the safety production information management platform helps to realize a safe, environmentally friendly, intelligent and efficient production management system.

the big data platform provides efficient data mining to assist in lean management and scientific decision-making. mining and knowledge discovery are carried out on mine production big data such as personnel, equipment and environments to ensure the safe production and operation of mines.

the competition was jointly organized by the liaoning provincial development and reform commission, liaoning provincial department of industry and information technology, and liaoning communications administration. themed “5g brings intelligence and a brighter future”, the liaoning regional contest has gone through formal examination, preliminaries and finals since its official launch in june this year. after evaluation by the expert group and examination and approval by the organizing committee of the competition, 50 winning projects were selected, including 6 first prizes, 10 second prizes, 20 third prizes and 14 winning prizes.

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