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shougang lanza awarded first new product certificate for feed raw materials in china

release time:2021-10-14 10:38:09

beijing shoulang biotechnology co., ltd., a subsidiary of shougang lanza, is using co-rich industrial exhaust gas to develop a new feed protein product, namely “clostridium autoethanogenum protein” (registered trademark “fu yu le”). after six years of r&d and demonstration, the product recently obtained new product certification issued by the ministry of agriculture and rural affairs of the people’s republic of china, making it the first new product certificate for feed raw materials since the founding of new china.

since its establishment ten years ago, shougang lanza has been committed to the development of new carbon reduction technologies. it uses world-leading gas biological fermentation technologies to directly convert carbon-containing industrial exhaust gas into ethanol, protein feed and other high value-added products, thus realizing the efficient and clean utilization of industrial exhaust gas resources, which is of great significance for reducing co2 emissions, replacing fossil energy and ensuring national energy and food security. at present, most related technologies at home and abroad remain at the laboratory research and pilot testing stage, and it will take a long time for them to achieve industrial application. shougang lanza has formed more than 100 independent intellectual property rights through its many years of pilot r&d and industrialization practices, and it leads the world in the field of industrial gas fermentation.

beijing shoulang biotechnology co., ltd. is mainly engaged in the r&d, promotion and technical services of new protein raw materials, owns the registered trademark “fu yu le” and is committed to creating a well-known new single-cell protein brand. at present, it has achieved fruitful research results in the safety evaluation of microbial cultures and the effectiveness and safety of protein feed products, and established stable long-term partnerships with top r&d institutions in china such as the feed research institute of the chinese academy of agricultural sciences and the china industrial microbial culture preservation and management center. after six years of pioneering and innovation, the company has overcome difficulties, changed inorganic carbon and nitrogen into organic carbon and nitrogen, and developed a new clostridium autoethanogenum protein product with 80% protein content and complete and balanced amino acid types. the quality and performance of the product have been highly praised by customers.

clostridium autoethanogenum protein is a single cell protein product which can be used as feed raw materials. it is obtained by using clostridium autoethanogenum as the fermented culture and co gas as the raw material for liquid fermentation and centrifugation, and then drying the fermented broth. it is characterized by its high protein content, high essential amino acid content and high digestibility. an appropriate amount of clostridium autoethanogenum protein added to aquatic feed can effectively improve feed efficiency, weight gain rate and specific growth rate, and is beneficial for intestinal tissue health, making it an ideal protein raw material for aquatic animals.

it is estimated that china produces at least 1.2 trillion m3 of co-rich industrial exhaust gas every year. if 20% of this gas is used for efficient and clean utilization by biological fermentation technology, it can produce 20 million tons of ethanol and two million tons of clostridium autoethanogenum protein annually. as a non-food protein raw material, this product can replace fish meal and soybean protein, thereby making a positive contribution to reducing china’s dependence on imported fish meal and soybean, and ensuring national feed and food security.

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