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zhang gongyan tells story of “china’s first 30-ton oxygen top-blown converter” in cctv’s red finance: centennial heirloom

release time:2021-09-02 14:05:03

on august 25th, zhang gongyan, party secretary and chairman of the shougang group, told the story of “china’s first 30-ton oxygen top-blown converter” in cctv-2’s red finance: centennial heirloom.

the communist party of china (cpc) has created an overabundance of precious red memories and overflowing rich spiritual wealth during its century. the group requires its units to actively use red resources to conduct party history study and education; vigorously implant red genes by combining the study of party history with the glorious history of shougang; absorb the strength to forge ahead; encourage all cadres and workers to inherit and carry forward the spirit of shougang; and make unremitting efforts to build a world-class comprehensive large-scale enterprise group with firm confidence and the down-to-earth and pioneering spirit.

guided by the glorious banner of the party, shougang people constantly strive to erect historical monuments to the spirit of daring to win. in 1964, shougang produced china’s first oxygen top-blown converter, which demonstrated the spirit of shougang people who are bold in exploration, brave in innovation and never give in. the most advanced steelmaking converter at that time, it was independently innovated and built by shougang itself, without purchasing any foreign technology or equipment or hiring any foreign experts. its creation led to a revolution in the history of steelmaking in china.

to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of china (cpc), sasac and the central radio and television station jointly launched the mini-documentary series red finance: centennial heirloom. taking red heirloom as the entry point, the leaders of 100 state-owned enterprise party committees (party groups) represented by central enterprises introduce their enterprise heirlooms, revealing the little-known moving stories behind the surging development of these enterprises, and passing on red traditions and red genes through people, heirlooms and spirits. this widely influential series has been available in many online and offline media channels such as cctv-2, cmg mobile and the wechat official account of sasac.

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