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​security monitoring and network systems achieve full coverage in shougang park ftis venue

release time:2021-08-30 13:58:47

a few days ago, the joint debugging of the intelligent weak-current system in the shougang park ftis (fair for trade in services) project was a complete success, and the security monitoring and network systems achieved full coverage in the venue.

as one of the participating units in the shougang park ftis project, sgai was responsible for the construction of a 490,000 m2 intelligent weak-current system, mainly including the exhibition hall project, conference room project, supporting renovation project and outdoor project. the network system is mainly focused on the construction of the office wireless network, network platform, core computer room platform and road broadcasting system among the exhibition halls, conference rooms and supporting renovation projects.

in the renovation of the intelligent weak-current system, the newly-built south complex building is a core hub with higher intelligence where all network signals and security monitoring signals are transmitted. it is connected to all the machine rooms in the north such as xiuchi, three blast furnace and the winter olympic organizing committee under the same platform. in addition to transmitting data signals, the core hub can also control all monitors in the ftis area for the real-time monitoring of the entire area. at present, the renovated intelligent weak-current system in the exhibition halls and conference rooms can meet the basic needs of each exhibitor for network and security. in the later stages, sgai will also adjust or upgrade the security monitoring, network signals and network bandwidth locally according to the different individualized needs of the exhibitors.

fu xiang, ftis project manager of sgai, explained that sgai has coordinated the tower company to set up four macro sites in the ftis area so as to ensure the full coverage of 5g signals, and there will be no lag when tens of thousands of people use the mobile internet at the same time. meanwhile, the optical cables of sgai and the three major operators have entered the core computer room of ftis, ensuring that the network bandwidth demand can be met. 

reportedly, more than 2,000 sets of equipment and more than 50,000 meters of network cables and optical fibers were involved in the intelligent weak-current renovation project. on march 1st, sgai officially launched specialized ftis classes and teams, and started the preliminary preparation of personnel, materials and equipment. on may 1st, sgai officially entered the construction site. in view of the tight schedule (only two and a half months) and heavy workload, sgai carefully selected more than 70 people to form three teams according to the construction content, organization and technical personnel ratio, and complete all supporting renovation projects according to the time nodes. two teams were responsible for the renovation of the exhibition halls and conference rooms, while the third was responsible for the security monitoring of all outdoor areas, including the public address systems, and the construction of all optical fibers, routing and network platforms. these three teams were characterized by rich experience, outstanding technical skills, the ability to cope with various difficulties and adapt to various working environments, and the courage to fight hard, thereby ensuring that the project would be completed on schedule with both quality and quantity guaranteed. when multiple units were working simultaneously in a limited space, the project department of sgai paid close attention to the project nodes, coordinated the construction time and ensured progress. in the rainy season or flood season, sgai’s construction personnel strictly protected the pipeline shaft to ensure that rainwater and sediment could not enter and block it. after two and a half months of overtime work, sgai successfully completed the construction of the intelligent weak-current system in the shougang park ftis project.

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