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shougang group ranks in global 500 for tenth time

release time:2021-08-06 14:45:38

on august 2nd, the “fortune plus” app released the latest fortune global 500 list. the shougang group ranked 411th with operating revenue of usd 30.0537 billion, up 18 places from last year. this is the tenth time that the shougang group has been included in the global 500 list since its first entry in 2011.

2020 was an extraordinary year. facing the sudden outbreak of covid-19, shougang’s cadres and employees were confident and united, and adhered to both epidemic prevention and control, and production and operation construction. with the spirit of “daring to fight tough battles and having the ability to win”, they created the double year-on-year growth of operating revenue and profit, achieved a successful conclusion to the “13th five-year plan” and over-fulfilled the budget tasks. among them, shougang drew the close attention of the iron and steel sector to its internal work; continued to build the five advantages in “quality, products, cost, services and technology”; maintained efficient, smooth and stable production; constantly optimized its product structure, steadily improved operation capabilities and made breakthroughs in technological innovation; and showed its sense of responsibility. with the goal of “building a new landmark of capital city revival in the new era”, beijing park has implemented a three-year action plan to promote cultural rejuvenation, ecological rejuvenation, industrial rejuvenation and vitality revitalization in an overall way, making steady progress in development and construction, making the park an important symbol of in-depth urban transformation in beijing. all units have actively explored new models, expanded new markets, enhanced the awareness of account handover, strengthened cost control and achieved new results in industrial cultivation. they have deepened the integration of industry and finance, actively established connections with the capital market, promoted industrial development and continuously improved financial services and risk control capabilities, making important contributions to the overall benefits of the group. since the beginning of this year, departments at all levels of the group have focused on the main task of “laying a solid foundation for high-quality development”, strengthened efficiency and benefit orientation, adhered to efficient production and operation, and earnestly improved profitability and competitiveness. operating revenue and profit have increased substantially year-on-year, both reaching their highest levels in history, which lays a solid foundation for a good start to the “14th five-year plan”.

this is the 27th consecutive year in which fortune has published its list of the world’s largest companies. due to the covid-19 outbreak, companies on the fortune global 500 list reported operating revenue of about usd 31.7 trillion this year, down by 5% from last year. for the second year in a row, mainland china (including hong kong) topped the list with 135 companies, up by 11 from the previous year. including companies from taiwan, there are 143 chinese companies on the list. this year, the united states has 122 companies on the list.

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