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at 2021 (first) iron & steel industry brand quality development conference shougang wins four excellent brand awards

release time:2021-07-21 10:04:14

recently, at the 2021 (first) iron & steel industry brand quality development conference, shougang’s brand construction was commended and recognized by the industry. the shougang group won standardization excellent brand, information excellent brand and intellectual property excellent brand, and shougang jingtang united iron & steel co., ltd. won green and low carbon excellent brand.

over the years, shougang has attached great importance to its intellectual property work, actively practiced the concept of innovation and development, insisted on combining patent work with product structure adjustment and technological progress, and built an intellectual property mechanism with creation as the core, application as the guide, management as the foundation and protection as the basis. in this way, shougang has established a sound management and control system, promoted the mutual promotion and deep integration of the group’s production r&d and patent management through the hierarchical patent management network and the management form of “power list professional system”, and continuously improved the innovation capability and competitiveness of its enterprises. shougang has cultivated and formed a batch of innovative technologies with core competitiveness and independent intellectual property in key products such as automobile plates, electrical steel and tinplate, and a series of key technological fields. during the “13th five-year plan” period, shougang applied for more than 4,900 patents and was granted more than 3,200. two patents won the “china patent excellence award” and two won the “beijing invention patent award”. shougang was awarded the titles “national advanced patent unit”, “national intellectual property demonstration enterprise”, “beijing intellectual property demonstration unit” and “intellectual property application benchmark enterprise” by the ministry of industry and information (miit). in 2020, it ranked second in the patent innovation ranking of 161 iron and steel enterprises in china, and won the title of “most patented innovative enterprise”.

adhering to the standardization strategy and standard management system, shougang promotes the continuous realization of scientific and technological innovation, product upgrading and process progress through standard specifications, and facilitates the transformation and development of its enterprises. in terms of product standards, shougang has presided over and participated in the revision of multiple product standards for pipeline steel, automobile steel, electrical steel, etc., forming a complete supporting standard system and providing standard support for continuously building high-index and low-cost competitive advantages. in terms of process standards, based on the whole life cycle of its steel products, shougang has led the formulation of multiple green product evaluation standards by integrating standard specifications with process progress, earning its inclusion in the first batch of green product declaration and acceptance standards of miit. in terms of testing standards, shougang has formed a complete testing standard system including chemical analysis, mechanical and technological properties, metallographic analysis, nondestructive testing, corrosion testing and raw combustion material testing, thereby advancing basic research and production r&d, and ensuring product quality. during the “13th five-year plan” period, shougang presided over and participated in the formulation and revision of 239 international, national, industrial and group standards, including 10 international standards. the shougang standards project won the second prize at the china standard innovation contribution awards and metallurgical science and technology awards. in the first 2016 national standard drafting unit data report (national standard development contribution index), the shougang group ranked first in the metallurgical industry and seventh in china with an index score of 94.

scientific and technological information is an indispensable strategic resource for scientific and technological innovation, as well as a booster and catalyst for enhancing the innovation capability and r&d efficiency of enterprises. shougang actively builds a scientific and technological information system, and takes the construction of the scientific research and innovation system as the carrier, thereby strengthening the overall management of the development and utilization of information resources, and promoting information resource sharing to achieve maximized information quality and improved information utilization and appreciation, and ensure the basic resources needed to support its strategic decision-making and research services. by building a resource-rich and powerful information platform, the effective integration of internal and external scientific and technological information resources has been realized, and the work efficiency of researchers and managers has been improved, providing efficient information services for the “first-level r&d, multi-location distribution” steel industry r&d system of shougang. at the same time, shougang actively integrates into the national development strategy and carries out research on competitive intelligence, technical intelligence and patent intelligence based on improved innovation ability, reduced benchmarking with advanced enterprises and “five advantages” so as to realized the dual goals of “supporting strategic development” and “supporting technological r&d” by intelligence services. during the “13th five-year plan” period, shougang’s intelligence team completed more than 140 research reports, one of which won the third prize of shougang science and technology and five of which were evaluated as group-level achievements. shougang completed a series of competitive environment analysis, enterprise benchmarking research, feasibility study analysis of new production lines, technology development trend analysis, product market precaution analysis, etc., providing strong support for the formation of the group’s major strategic planning and the creation of its technological leading advantages.

the jingtang company, designed and built on the basis of the circular economy concept, is a modern iron and steel plant at the international advanced level. adhering to the guidance of green development and its clarified environmental orientation, and based on the policy of “source treatment, process control and system governance”, the company shifts the center of environmental management from pollution control to environmental quality improvement, implements the pollution control of waste gas, wastewater and waste residue from the “design drawing” to the “construction drawing”, highlights the systematic linkage between environmental quality improvement and total emission reduction, carries out risk prevention and control, and realizes the coordinated prevention and control of multiple pollutants to strengthen the bottom line of environmental safety. adhering to the green and low-carbon development path, the company has achieved increasingly prominent environmental, economic and social benefits, which have been fully recognized by the state, industry and local government. the company was included in the first batch of pilot enterprises for the establishment of resource-saving and environmentally friendly enterprises in the steel industry; won the such titles as “china iron and steel industry cleaner production environmentally friendly enterprise” by cisa, “national outstanding contribution enterprise of air pollution reduction” by environmental protection magazine, water efficiency leader of national key water utilization enterprises and 9th china baosteel environmental excellence award (enterprise environmental protection) by the ministry of environmental protection; was included in the third batch of state-level green factories by miit; and won the titles “green development excellent enterprise” and “green development benchmark enterprise” by china metallurgical news, and “national greening model unit”, the highest award in the national afforestation appraisal and commendation organized by the national afforestation environmental protection commission. the company has been rated as an a-level enterprise for environmental performance, and a model for the green development of iron and steel enterprises.

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