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shougang mining’s “beijing building sandstone green base” listed

release time:2021-07-07 09:20:39

on may 31st, the beijing municipal commission of housing and urban-rural development, beijing municipal commission of transport, beijing emergency management bureau, beijing traffic management bureau and beijing railway administration jointly sent a reply to the shougang group, agreeing to list qian'an shoukuang building materials co., ltd. as a “beijing building sandstone green base”.

since the “13th five-year” plan, shougang mining has focused on developing new industries for the comprehensive utilization of resources, aiming to become a green building materials service provider with strong influence in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region. according to the “five greens” standards of “green resources, green production, green transportation, green emissions and green development”, shougang mining has independently built new production lines, such as high-efficiency tailings concentration and dry tailings discharge projects in waterworks, dashihe peru tailings recovery production line, dashihe iron ore magnetic separation project and peizhuang ecological restoration and treatment project, reaching an annual output of 10 million tons. the brand of “shougang building materials” has been developed with the efficient marketing system of “rail transport automobile transport sea transport”. with business in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, shandong and the yangtze river delta, the company has successfully transformed into an urban comprehensive service provider, and become one of the most powerful green building materials suppliers in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region and a demonstration unit for green development in china’s mining industry.

since this year, shougang mining has actively organized and promoted its application for listing as a “beijing building sandstone green base”. with sound and effective quality, energy, environment and occupational health and safety management systems, comprehensive strength in green production and building sandstone transportation, good industrial development prospects and supply of high-quality building materials, the company finally obtained the approval of the evaluation experts and relevant commissions and bureaus. with the approval of the beijing municipal government, it has become the third enterprise in greater beijing to win the title of “beijing building sandstone green 

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