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shougang beiye commences smelting of high-temperature component master alloy in furnace no. 1 for first prototype heavy-duty gas turbine

release time:2021-06-22 09:59:02

recently, the shougang beiye corporation used ultra-pure high-temperature component master alloy to start smelting in furnace no. 1 for the first prototype 300mw class f heavy-duty gas turbine, marking that the material for its rotors and stator blades will be manufactured by shougang.

the heavy-duty gas turbine represents the overall level of a country’s manufacturing industry, making it an important symbol of manufacturing power recognized all over the world and an invaluable asset and major power for the breakthrough and development of “made in china 2025”. actively integrating into the national innovation system, the beiye corporation has strengthened its cooperation with china united gas turbine technology co., ltd. to establish a strategic alliance for innovation, jointly build shared r&d platform, share key national tasks and enhance their scientific and technological innovation capabilities. since the launch of the major heavy-duty gas turbine project, as an important r&d and production base of special materials in china, the shougang beiye corporation has actively participated in many r&d tasks such as basic research, key material exploration and industrial system construction.

in order to meet the requirements for the design and manufacture of the advanced technology and equipment needed to produce materials for the core components of heavy duty gas turbines, beiye has assembled a team of excellent technicians from various specialties and positions to tackle a series of key problems from the investigation and survey of materials to design and testing, making phased achievements along the way.

according to the technicians of the beiye corporation, the development of core materials for heavy-duty gas turbines must be supported by a large amount of data. but due to the tight blockade of foreign technology, the beiye research team could only rely on their own exploration and continuous experimentation to obtain data. sometimes, for one piece of data, they would eat and live in the office for a week, and carry out repeated experiments day and night. with a high sense of urgency, responsibility and mission, they persevered in obtaining one piece of data after another and making one achievement after another. at present, in the first batch of materials for heavy-duty gas turbine stator blades, shougang beiye has successfully researched and developed cobalt-based high temperature master alloy and nickel-based high temperature master alloy materials with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and a long service life, the comprehensive performance of which has reached the advanced level abroad.

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