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shuigang wins first liupanshui mayor quality award

release time:2021-06-10 16:39:01

recently, shuigang (the shougang group’s shuicheng steel company) won the first liupanshui mayor quality award, liupanshui’s highest government honor for quality development, making it one of only two enterprises in liupanshui to have won this award.

the corporate values of shuigang have always been “to win the market with products, give back to society with value and develop the employees”. based on these values, shuigang has established a unique quality brand system by fulfilling its responsibilities and valuing total quality management. in addition, shuigang focuses on the precise positioning and wide dissemination of brands; vigorously promotes corporate culture; pays attention to the construction of the marketing system; strives to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty; establishes a sound human resources management system and continuously improves employee satisfaction; and ensures the quality and safety of its steel products through its strong innovation ability, stable and reliable products, and quality control ability.

at present, shuigang has the ability to produce hrb600 rebar, carbon constructional round steel, 25mnv and other high value-added products. the building materials that it produces are characterized by their good comprehensive performance, strong corrosion resistance, negative tolerance, good appearance, quality control, etc., winning the widespread praise of users. swrh82b (high-quality coil) is the biggest partner of steel rope factories in guizhou. shuigang actively seized the strategic opportunity to build a national big data experimental zone in guizhou, and made every effort to promote the construction of its informationalized “8 1” project series. shuigang’s intelligent control center has been completed and put into operation, and projects such as the manufacturing management and execution system, master data system and industrial cloud platform are advancing in an orderly way. in 2020, all projects were put into operation, and the data interconnection of the whole process of iron, steel and materials was initially realized. meanwhile, intelligent robot welding has been applied to the three bar lines, and the construction of intelligent factories with “fewer people, centralized control and one key” has achieved initial success. the steady advancement of the informationization construction provides strong support for improving the quality of shuigang’s products.

focusing on the marketing concepts of “quick response, precise marketing, customer first, honesty and win-win results”, shuigang adheres to “manufacturing service”, constantly innovates its marketing mechanisms and vigorously promotes marketing process reengineering. at present, the sales of shuigang’s products are mainly focused on the guizhou province market while also spreading to southwest, central, south and east china. as the brand competitiveness of shuigang steel constantly improves, large amounts of it are being used in more than 50 major and key projects inside and outside the province, such as the hangzhou-ruili beipanjiang grand bridge (the highest bridge in the world), pingtang grand bridge, guanshanhu financial city office area in guiyang, “china’s eye of heaven” in pingtang and the liupanshui underground utility tunnel project.

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