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shoujia steel structure company of shougang chengyun voted “national high-tech enterprise”

release time:2021-05-27 09:19:59

recently, beijing shoujia steel structure co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “shoujia steel structure company”) of shougang chengyun company received the “high-tech enterprise certificate” jointly issued by the beijing municipal science & technology commission, beijing municipal finance bureau and beijing municipal tax service, state taxation administration, and was successfully recognized as a “national high-tech enterprise”.

since its establishment, shougang chengyun has been committed to solving the problem of urban parking and providing intelligent comprehensive solutions. as a professional company providing one-stop service for the r&d, planning, design, construction and operation of smart vertical parking garages, shoujia steel structure company of shougang chengyun has insisted on paying equal attention to r&d and design. it has design and manufacturing capacity for over 20 kinds of mechanical vertical garages in 6 series, 2 kinds of smart vertical garages for buses, and 1 for bicycles, which can meet the specialized needs of different venues. shoujia steel structure company was rated as the “most promising enterprise in the mechanical parking equipment industry” by the industry association in 2019. the scientific and technological achievements of its “r & d, design and application of smart vertical garages for buses” won the shougang science and technology award second prize in 2020, being the only manufacturing enterprise with 2 types of qualified smart bus garages in china. in 2020, it completed the storage of new types of bus, car and bicycle garages, designed nearly 5,000 parking spaces, created 11 new patents, and led the preparation of the industry standard of “general technical conditions of mechanical parking equipment for passenger cars”.

in addition to setting extremely strict requirements for and actively exploring manufacturing technology, shougang chengyun and shoujia steel structure company continued to make efforts in product modeling, exterior packing, and other visual aspects in order to better integrate products into their usage environment and give customers a better user experience. they also completed the r&d of umbrella-type, cumulus cloud-type and round tower-type vertical bicycle garages. in 2019, it completed the r&d of vertical circulating bicycle garages, which were praised as “the ferris wheel for bicycles” for their people-friendly style. in 2020, it stood out among more than 700 participating enterprises in the national machinery industry design innovation competition for its “intelligent tree-shaped landscape bicycle garage” and won the excellence award of the intelligent equipment product group.

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