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shuicheng iron & steel was listed on “concrete iron brand plan - example of major project construction”

release time:2021-05-13 09:45:40

recently, the reporter learned from the china metallurgical information and standardization institute that at the 2020 (5th) seminar on innovation and application of key technologies of concrete iron and the concrete iron quality grading exchange meeting, shougang shuicheng iron & steel stood out among the more than 400 steel enterprises in china, and was listed on “concrete iron brand plan - example of major project construction”.

shougang shuicheng iron & steel is a leading enterprise in guizhou province’s steel industry. its products span across more than 20 series and over 100 specifications, including long steel, building materials, high strength steel, soft wire steel, hard wire steel, welding steel, carbon bonded round steel, pc base metal steel, etc., with applications ranging from single construction steel to wire making, rope making, machinery, hardware, automobile manufacturing and other industries. they have high brand awareness and brand spillover benefits in the southwest region, and are widely used in the national western development infrastructure construction, urbanization construction, new rural construction and other engineering projects. shuicheng iron & steel products are used extensively in the yachihe bridge in guizhou, jiangbei international airport in chongqing, nanning international convention and exhibition center in guangxi, the guanshanhu residence communities in guiyang, the hangzhou-ruili expressway beipanjiang grand bridge, the beipanjiang bridge, the baling river bridge and other projects.

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