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shougang gas smoothes “green channels” to ensure stable supply of medical oxygen

release time:2021-04-16 08:57:12

shougang gas co., ltd. is the only state-owned enterprise qualified to produce medical liquid oxygen in beijing, shouldering an important social responsibility and mission. while sparing no effort in epidemic prevention and control, the company has also guaranteed the production of medical liquid oxygen and smoothed “green channels” to ensure the supply of medical liquid oxygen products to hospitals in beijing and surrounding areas.

since the beginning of this year, all departments of shougang gas co., ltd. have been strengthening their coordination and cooperation to keep a handle on the production and operation conditions of oxygen generating units at all times. the production operators carefully check the processing and equipment operation status, and strictly implement various security rules and regulations, especially related to the checking and handling of hidden equipment risks on a regular basis to ensure the normal operation of the units. meanwhile, business personnel also have a complete understanding of the liquid level of the storage tanks and customers’ delivery demands, in addition to answering calls 24 hours a day.

shougang gas co., ltd. ensures production while carrying out epidemic prevention. it successively arranged two nucleic acid tests for its staff, organized all staff on medical oxygen production and operation posts and relevant managers to receive first-batch vaccinations, and strictly enforced epidemic prevention inspection rules for external personnel. according to statistics, since december 2020, shougang gas co., ltd. has sold 6,582.4 tons of medical liquid oxygen, of which 886.14 tons have been delivered. based on market research, the medical liquid oxygen products of shougang gas co., ltd. have been supplied to 70 hospitals in beijing, such as peking university third hospital, pla general hospital, peking union medical college hospital, beijing anzhen hospital, beijing friendship hospital, beijing china-japan friendship hospital, which accounts for about 40% of the market of medical liquid oxygen products in beijing. it also meets the demands of hospitals and patients for medical oxygen epidemic prevention materials, and makes a contribution to the control of the epidemic and the guarantee of the people’s safety and health.

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