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changzhi iron & steel listed on the xiong'an centralized purchasing service platform

release time:2021-04-01 08:27:17

recently, changzhi iron & steel was listed as one of the first-batch steel enterprises on the centralized purchasing service platform of bulk building materials by the construction headquarters office of the xiong’an new area.

prompt action and quick connection with the market. changzhi iron & steel attached great importance to the increasing demand for building materials in the xiong’an new area, quickly organized and made special arrangements based on information learned through multiple channels, and connected with the market in an all-round way, further improving its market share. meanwhile, the sales department, in line with the concept of “marketing product, technology and service”, constantly occupied the market of the xiong’an new area, and improved market operation ability to expand market share. in addition, the company organized the sales center, the new product r&d department, the steel-making and steel-rolling division, etc. to formulate production implementation plans. thanks to their joint efforts, the company successfully entered the xiong’an market in april 2020. in july, the company received orders for 9,000 tons of hrb500e with the original 3 demand specifications increased to 9. at present, changzhi iron & steel has occupied the mainstream market of hrb500e in xiong’an and the surrounding area with its full-range batch production capacity, becoming the first steel enterprise supplying the xiong’an new area in shanxi province in 2020.

top-quality service and all-out effort for guaranteeing supply. in order to provide comprehensive supply guaranteeing service, the sales department of changzhi iron & steel set up a special working group and formulated a supply guaranteeing service scheme. the backbone team of the sales center implemented a tracking and investigation mechanism and went all out to organize special personnel to strictly control and monitor all aspects of planning, production, resources, transportation, after-sales, etc. so as to supply the highest-quality products on time and at the required quantity. meanwhile, changzhi iron & steel specially issued the “notice on shipping hrb500e steel to xiong’an area”, which clearly stipulated the products' quality, appearance, batch number and quantity of single vehicles. to ensure the quality of every steel bar shipped to xiong’an, the company also, based on customers' suggestions, coordinated with all divisions to optimize and improve the content of quality certificates and measurement sheets, establishing the strength and quality of its brand.

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