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shougang technician college becoming one of the first members of beijing credit bank alliance

release time:2021-03-26 17:01:24

recently, the list of the first members of beijing credit bank alliance was published. shougang technician college was included in this list. 

in order to implement relevant credit bank construction requirements in the national vocational education reform implementation plan, national credit bank construction working regulations for vocational education (for trial implementation), and several opinions on deepening vocational education reform, accelerate the building of credit banks in beijing, and develop a credit bank service system, and upon review by beijing credit bank management committee and approval by beijing municipal education commission, shougang technician college was approved as one of the first pilot vocational colleges and thus became a pilot unit in the construction of beijing's credit bank service system and a pioneer in the construction of a networked, digital, personalized and lifelong credit bank service systems. 

shougang technician college spares no efforts in promoting the linkage and integration between non-curricula education and curricula education, between pre-service education and post-service education, and between different kinds of education, as well as helping students open personal lifelong learning accounts, realizing traceable, searchable and convertible learning outcomes, expanding channels for sustainable growth of talents, providing high-quality human resources for accelerated economic and social development of beijing, and making important contributions to lifelong learning for all and the building of beijing as a learning city. 

beijing credit bank management center is located in beijing open university. it was established with the help of campuses of beijing open university. the first members of this alliance include secondary vocational colleges, higher vocational colleges, independent adult colleges and universities, etc. 

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