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new shougang bridge won the global bridge and tunnel excellence award

release time:2021-03-01 19:11:07

recently, the world’s most authoritative academic journal in the field of global engineering construction, the us’ engineering news-record (enr for short) announced the world’s best and outstanding engineering projects in 2020, and the new shougang bridge won an award of merit for  “the 2020 enr global bridge / tunnel excellence award”.

the new shougang bridge has the advantages of ingenious integration of both its bridge type and nature, with a novel structural system and unique curved surface shape making it difficult to design and implement. many indexes of the bridge are at the leading level in china and even in the world. the new shougang bridge is a two-way, eight-lane urban trunk road. the widest part of the bridge is 54.9 meters, with five spans in total, and the width of the main span is 280 meters. it is the largest span bridge in beijing and the widest steel bridge in china at present. the total steel consumption of the main bridge, which is welded using all steel structures, reaches 45,000 tons. all the steel plates that have been used are supplied by shougang, which is more than the total steel consumption of the bird’s nest. this is another example where shougang’s high performance bridge steel has been supplied as a whole in the construction of domestic key municipal works.

in the construction of the bridge, the shougang construction investment company and other units actively connected with the bridge design and construction units and others, accelerated the construction of green space around the bridge and the landscape on both sides of the road, and successively completed the construction of the temporary occupied ground wire of the fengsha line reconstruction project, involving buildings and structures, equipment and facilities, pipeline relocation, tree transplantation and other shougang-related work. the steel structure branch of the shougang construction group also completed the fabrication, installation and welding of the main body of the ladder bridge on the east and west sides of the new shougang bridge, which is the only way for pedestrians to cross the bridge, and also the pedestrian suspension bridge.

on september 29, 2019, the new shougang bridge was officially opened to traffic. this majestic bridge, combining both strength and beauty, looks like a huge piece of steel artwork. the landmark shape of the bridge embodies two outwardly inclined portal steel towers, one high and one low. through a series of stay cables, the whole bridge’s steel box girder of nearly 30,000 tons is lifted. from a distance, it looks like two people sitting face to face on the ground and stretching back with their feet against each other’s feet, and their hands pulling the steel cables. to the north of the bridge is the new shougang park where industry and modernity blend. the unique style and features attract many photographers and citizens to visit this location.

enr is the most authoritative academic journal in the field of global engineering construction, and is known as the “barometer” of the engineering field. the selection of the world’s best and outstanding engineering projects in 2020 aimed to select the projects with the most international elements and global influence, and to commend those design and construction teams with outstanding performance. the award selection was incredibly strict. besides safety performance, innovative conception, construction quality, design function and aesthetic quality, the social significance and core value of the project were also emphasized. a total of 30 projects from 21 countries and regions won awards, and 6 projects from 4 design enterprises in china won awards.

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