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peking university shougang hospital undertakes the vaccination of shijingshan district against the new coronavirus

release time:2021-02-23 19:06:02

at the temporary covid-19 vaccination site in shijingshan, among the busy medical staff, there are 10 white-coated soldiers from peking university shougang hospital. they will fight here for about a week, carrying out vaccinations against the new coronavirus for nine key groups in shijingshan district. in addition, four community health service centers in peking university shougang hospital will also provide service as required to vaccinated people.

according to reports, this time 3 temporary vaccination sites and 13 fixed vaccination sites have been set up in shijingshan district. each vaccination site has a waiting area, registration area, vaccination area, observation area, abnormal disposal area, and cold chain area, and all of them are able to be managed visually. video from the site is transmitted back to the shijingshan emergency command center in real time.

cao jianguang, a thoracic surgeon at peking university shougang hospital, said that peking university shougang hospital sent 2 doctors and 8 nursing staff members to participate in the vaccination work. through nearly 10 hours of continuous work per day, they not only completed each day’s vaccination work, but also counted and reported data on the vaccinated population from that day and disinfected the inoculation room and surfaces of indoor objects as required. after the completion of the day's work, they sorted out the shortcomings of the day, striving to make the next day’s workflow smoother and faster.

soon after, the reporter went to the jinding street community health service center of peking university shougang hospital. the staff there recounted that after receiving the last-minute task, the prevention and protection department, as the department with primary responsibility for this work, took initiative to forfeit rest time, and started to establish an account, formulate a vaccination process, set up vaccination sites, and manufacture various kinds of guide signage. they performed this thorough preparation to ensure the covid-19 vaccination work could be carried out in an orderly manner. at the mention of this time of preparation, a staff member let slip that "during those days of preparation, we were too busy to even eat. we would fall asleep as soon as we got home." this statement caught the attention of the reporter. the reporter asked: "why were you so tired?" the staff member was silent for a moment, then said: “probably from the weight of responsibility." this ordinary short statement reflects the determination of the angels in white who are striving to defeat the epidemic.

during the interview, the reporter learned that the vaccine against the new coronavirus is divided into two injections, with an interval between the two injections of at least 14 days. the vaccine injection site is the deltoid muscle of the upper arm. pregnant or nursing women; people suffering from fever, infection, or other acute-stage diseases; people suffering from immune deficiency or immune disorder; and people with serious liver or kidney disease, medicinally uncontrollable hypertension, complications of diabetes, malignant tumors, etc., are not suitable vaccine candidates. in addition, it was learned that information about vaccinated people has now been integrated with the  beijing jiankangbao platform. after the first vaccine injection, a prompt reading "the first injection has been given" will be shown in the "health service appointment query" section of the beijing jiankangbao platform; after the second vaccine injection, "vaccination has been completed" will be shown. finally, doctors warned that even those who have been vaccinated against the new coronavirus still need to strictly abide by various prevention and control measures, pay attention to personal protection, wear masks conscientiously, wash hands frequently, ventilate regularly, minimize gatherings, keep a safe social distance, and take responsibility for their own health and the health of others.

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