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a tribute to builders who defy the cold wind

release time:2021-01-13 09:11:52

on december 29, 2020, beijing saw its low temperatures drop to -13℃ due to a cold wave, with an apparent temperature of below -20℃. under such extreme weather conditions, to ensure the construction of key works at shougang park, builders held the line against the freezing cold, working hard to guarantee the high-quality completion of projects on schedule. 

in the morning on the site of the shangri-la hotel project at shougang park, the reporter, accompanied by relevant personnel from the project construction department of the cdi fund, scanned the qr code with their beijing health kit apps for registration and had their temperatures checked according to covid-19 response protocols to enter the construction site. the reporter saw a worker in thick cotton-padded clothes installing curtain walls outdoors secure the fasteners one by one with a wrench. as she watched him work so meticulously, the reporter asked, "it's freezing cold. why don't you work indoors first and then outdoors when the wind abates?" this worker answered, "we work strictly according to procedures. if we broke the order, things would get messy. worse, there could even be omissions. this would mean hidden problems for subsequent construction processes. this temperature is no big deal. we can wear more clothes." the reporter greatly admired his persistence and dedication. 

on the construction site, the personnel of the project construction department noted that in order to guarantee construction progress in winter, the cdi fund had multiple discussions to carefully prepare its winter construction schemes. meanwhile, in light of construction priorities, the cdi fund actively communicated with utility companies to ensure the normal functioning of power supply systems and heating systems. given the sudden drop in temperature in beijing, the company required that refined decoration activities only be carried out at a temperature above 5℃. the reporter chanced upon a worker who was observing a thermometer. he told the reporter that, "it read -20℃ yesterday night. by blocking this exposed position, now the temperature is controlled at around 0℃." 

in addition, in order to guarantee construction in winter, the project construction department, working with the epc department, sorted activities based on project quality, construction progress, and hse, and improved the quality assurance system by strengthening daily quality inspections, organizing weekly construction quality checks on site by technical leaders and supervisors, and adopting regularly published weekly quality plans to encourage implementation and rectification. to create an efficient working environment for refined decoration workers and guarantee fit out construction quality, the epc department sent dedicated persons to glass factories, profile frame assembly plants and other materials manufacturers to supervise the quality and progress throughout the fabrication process. this move provided strong support for the installation of curtain walls in a timely manner. 

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