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the second new year gala at shougang park

release time:2021-01-08 16:03:02


on december 31, 2020, the 2021 brtv global new year ice and snow night gala, themed "forever young, forever love," was staged at shougang park which, as the main venue for the event in beijing, wowed the audience again. this gala was co-organized by the general administration of sport of china, the beijing municipal people's government, and the beijing organising committee for the 2022 olympic and paralympic winter games ("beijing 2022 organizing committee"). the event was aired on the btv winter olympics channel and eight satellite tv stations, including beijing tv (btv), tianjin tv, hebei tv, heilongjiang tv, jilin tv, liaoning tv, inner mongolia tv and xinjiang tv. 

this gala was the second time that btv joined hands with shougang park. the park, as the seat of the beijing 2022 organizing committee and the only official venue for olympic winter games snow sports in the beijing urban area, will actively serve the games. the gala, an outdoor stage live show, used the ski jump platform as its main stage within shougang park, with its other stage at shougang no. 3 blast furnace, a signature trendy must-visit attraction. this was intended to create a strong interactive atmosphere, bringing the audience and performers closer together. the stage settings and the gala content contained, to the greatest extent, both olympic and ice and snow elements. this design not only made full use of multiple means to tell the winter olympics story and the shougang story, but also inspired the public's enthusiasm for winter sports and industrial culture. 

a veritable constellation of sports and arts stars warmed the cold environment with their performances and songs, engaging with the live audience to melt away the icy winter and usher in the new year with great enthusiasm. with a passionate new year atmosphere, the gala did its best to present a spectacular feast for the eyes and ears for audiences across the country. 

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