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the industrial agglomeration effect of shougang park has begun to appear

release time:2020-12-07 09:02:35

in 2020, while focusing on the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, shougang will continue to seize the opportunity to prepare for the winter olympics, aiming at the industrial direction of technological and cultural integration, high-end business support, and future city demonstrations, accelerating the construction of 500,000 square meters of space in the shougang park winter olympic plaza and other areas, developing a high-quality industrial space of 1.5 million square meters in shougang park, and completing nearly 10 billion yuan worth of investment within the year, and a series of new projects and new business formats will be successively implemented in the park. the industrial agglomeration effect of the park has begun to appear, and the occupancy rate of established space enterprises has reached 92%.

driving special projects to settle reliance on the winter olympics window period

the elements of the winter olympics have activated shougang’s old shijingshan factory, and the heaviness of the old shougang complements the vitality of the new winter olympics. the park has successively signed contracts for more than 10 new projects, seeing collaboration with such groups as tencent studio, the winter olympic cloud broadcasting center, sky limit entertainment fantasy paradise, shangri-la brewery, the national reading art bookstore, asia-pacific wenrong, moja music robot and meituan unmanned supermarket. up to now, 25 enterprises and brand merchants have settled in the park, including 6 sports companies, 8 technology companies, 6 culture companies, and 5 high-end business service companies, injecting fresh vitality into the park.

in terms of the projects that will be driven by the winter olympics, the beijing winter olympics technology operation center and its affiliated communication hub, and the winter olympics cloud broadcast center will be officially launched when the winter olympics approaches. at that time, the winter olympics cloud broadcast center in shougang park will be based on serving the winter olympics with "all clouds all ips all mobiles access as a service" as the core goal, relying on 5g ultra-high-definition media processing ai cloud blockchain technology, focusing on the development of the video industry’s media convergence and large-scale communication, making the professional service market lightweight, and innovating the viewing experience. on the other hand, relying on the winter olympics window period, the park has successively attracted a number of high-quality companies such as tencent sports, anta, bank of china, and taishan sports. in august of this year, a series of carbon fiber bicycles, negative ion artificial turf, smart fitness, indoor ski machines and other products independently developed by taishan sports will meet citizens in the park to interpret new trends in sports.

in addition, the high-profile public bonded warehouse in shougang park is under accelerated construction. this project will build beijing's first public bonded warehouse with sports characteristics, which will be officially put into use this year. in addition to basic warehousing functions, the bonded warehouse will also be used as a pilot program for bonded display and the trading of winter sports goods, high-end equipment and gear to support enterprises operating in bonded sports goods to carry out demonstrations, experiences, exhibitions, and transactions throughout the year. it is reported that the implementation of this project has laid the foundation for shougang park to develop cross-border e-commerce, develop sports trade, boost sports industry, attract international resources, and accelerate the construction of a national sports industry demonstration zone. for ordinary consumers, not only can they see sports product exhibitions andexperience and buy imported goods with zero price difference on the spot, but they can also buy for immediate use and enjoy the convenience brought by the "new retail" consumption model in sports scenes in the park such as the shougang ski jump, extreme park, and ice hockey hall.

in terms of high-end business supporting these projects, starbucks, holiday inn express and other brands have settled in the early stage to drive consumption in the park. this year, the national reading art bookstore and the xiaomi offline experience store will also bring a wave of cool culture to the park in october. meantime, the high-end catering branch of shangri-la, the german brewery, will also be put into operation at the same time, bringing an international dining experience to consumers. shougang park also released more high-end business facilities for the park through in-depth cooperation with brands such as marriott and ascott.

science and technology collide with culture, and industrial remains show cultural and technological empowerment

in shougang park, science, technology and culture are bursting out with innovative sparks. the mohist robot theater, the first robot theater with chinese cultural characteristics in china to perform independently, will meet with citizens in the no. 3 blast furnace in october this year. at the same time, the park, together with sky limit entertainment, will create the world's first large-scale vr "fantasy paradise" at the no.1 blast furnace, which will provide young consumers with digital sensory enjoyment such as a scientific and technological light show, an immersive vr experience, and fashion events. moreover, the re international center for digital creativity built by tsinghua heritage institute for digitization, a brand of tsinghua university, has settled in beiqitong no.4, and the project has created a digital immersive exhibition hall via 5g 8k hd video, ai ar and other technologies, which has been opened for trial operation on july 11, so that the audience can enjoy the unique charm of the industrial heritage endowed by culture and technology.

in terms of future city demonstration projects, shougang park has completed a test operation of 8 types of unmanned vehicles, and can provide operation services to the public during the year. four types of robots will also land in the park this year, providing intelligent services for exhibition hall reception and explanation, park tour guidance, hotel services and office services.

"on the day of the first month of summer, everything will grow." at the foot of shijingshan, beside qunming lake, next to the three blast furnaces, leaves are flourishing, flowers are withering, the grass is long and the warbler is flying - it is full of vitality and picturesque scenery. in this beautiful season, the former "ten-mile steel city" is undergoing a rapid transformation. responding to the call of the times, shougang park will focus on cultural, industrial, ecological, and vitality rejuvenation to create a new landmark for the rejuvenation of the capital city, which will bring new vitality in the new era.

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