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shougang group ranked among the world's top 500 for the ninth time

release time:2020-12-01 10:38:54

in the latest fortune 500 rankings worldwide released by fortune’s official app on august 10, shougang group ranked 429th with a business income of 29273.6 million u.s. dollars. this is the ninth time that the shougang group has secured itself a place on the list since its first entry in 2011.

2019 is an especially historical year for shougang staff. while welcoming the 70th anniversary of the founding of prc, they also ushered in the 100th anniversary of shougang’s establishment. the group’s party committee led the majority of cadres and employees, motivated by the important instructions given by general secretary xi jinping during his visit to shougang park, to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 19th national congress of the party and the 4th plenary session of the 19th central committee, and earnestly implement the requirements of the municipal leaders in the “double investigation” speech. facing a complex and severe external environment, the group maintains its strategic determination, persists in reform and innovation, and strives to overcome difficulties. among them, the iron and steel sector demonstrated its main business responsibility. by sticking to five major advantages, this sector adheres to advanced benchmarking, taps its own potential, significantly improves operating capabilities, and continuously optimizes product structure; the park has made substantial progress in development, has coordinated the promotion of the "four revivals", promoted craftsman spirit, built high-quality projects, completed key projects on schedule, made new progress in investment promotion, and successfully held major events, demonstrating the new image of shougang park in the new era; by integrating industry and finance in a more deep and meaningful way, the group actively connects with capital markets, strengthens capital operations, and improves financial service entities ability to provide effective support for the development of the group’s industry and overall benefits.

the business income of fortune top 500 companies listed this year has reached a record high of 33 trillion u.s. dollars, which is close to the combined gdp of china and the united states. the threshold (minimum sales revenue) to enter the rankings has also increased from 24.8 billion us dollars to 25.4 billion us dollars.

the most noticeable change in this year's rankings is undoubtedly the historical leapfrogging of mainland chinese companies: this year, 124 chinese enterprises (including hong kong companies) were listed in the fortune 500 rankings, surpassing that of the united states (121) for the first time in record. with taiwan’s companies counted, there are 133 chinese companies on the list.

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