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shougang chongqing processing center selected as “the first batch of digital workshops in chongqing"

release time:2020-12-01 08:58:46

recently, a 2020 list of the first digital workshops and intelligent factories in chongqing was released. the “high-strength automobile processing board shearing digital workshop” project, declared by the chongqing shougang wuzhong automobile parts co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the shougang chongqing processing center), was included in the list of the “first batch of digital workshops in chongqing”.

the shougang chongqing processing center makes full use of information technology and intelligent means to vigorously improve its level of intelligent manufacturing and service capacity, to provide quality products and services for gwm, ford, dfsk, geely and other well-known automobile mainframe factories. the construction of this digital workshop can monitor the production situation on-line in real time, break through the information flow barrier between equipment, and display data sharing in multiple dimensions, further improving the production capacity of the processing center, reducing management costs and improving quality traceability, which highlights the fine, humanized, energy-saving high-tech characteristics of the assembly workshop. the shougang chongqing processing center introduced a high-strength automobile steel plate processing production line, and is equipped with 1950 automatic blanking lines, 1850 longitudinal shear lines, 1850 stop shear lines, 800 flying shear lines and about 42 sets of all kinds of processing equipment. intelligent equipment accounts for 88% of workshop equipment set (production line) numbers. at the same time, through erp, mes, lims and other multi-system integrated applications, it allows for digital, intelligent and information management to provide customers with an all-round, integrated and whole-process ultimate service.

with digital workshops going into operation, the output value of the shougang chongqing processing center increased from 28.15 million yuan in 2017 to 586.83 million yuan in 2019, which has brought with it better economic and social benefits.

since the beginning of this year, the shougang chongqing processing center has overcome the impact of covid-19, adjusted its management and production plans in time, and focused on epidemic prevention and control in operation and production after the work and production were resumed. the operation and production of the company were quickly accelerated and upgraded. in june, 10,537 tons of steel were processed, the highest amount since last year. at the same time, customer production and supply issues are carefully combed and analyzed to ensure smooth and orderly production for customers. through unremitting efforts, the shougang chongqing processing center successfully obtained volvo’s “dun & bradstreet certification” supplier certificate, which laid the foundation for increasing the company’s market share.

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